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  1. Sorry for the double post. I tried to edit my last but no luck. You can also try maxthon. www.maxthon.com. Works allot like firefox its is pretty much ie with tabs and what ie should of been years ago. Personaly I use both. If I am just off to surff and hunt I use firefox. If I am off to watch funny videos or other stuff I use maxthon. With the ieTab in firefox There really is no real reason to swith other than sometimes maxthon seems to be a bit more behaved on some sites. Just my oppinion.
  2. Ok. If you download the extinsion ietab. Before you click on the link to show the video do this. Right click on the tab and select "switch rendering engine" That will show you the video no problem. If you have not then here is the link for that extension........https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1419/ Its called ie tab. Works great........Oh once you switch rendering engine the page will refresh. Should be a E in the tab now. Hope that helps.
  3. I did mistype a bit eh? When I said about the prices I was speaking of when it first hit the market. Its cool. Everyone has there own oppinion I respect that. Everyone seems to bring up a valid point. Guess what it boils down to who you are in the real world. Yes it is stealing. Its just that simple. Guess alot of people are tired of gates bending over the computer user so that in ther mind justifys useing his stuff and thumbing there nose at Him. Some just enjoy "sticking to the man" Lets face it with computers gates "is the man"
  4. I can see both sides. Yes you should pay for the software you use. On the other hand if you pay 300 bucks for xp pro and can only use it on one computer in your home when you may have 2 or 3 computers in your home. Its just a game between gates and hackers. Gates trys to stop them, and the hackers continue to beat him. They swore xp was never gonna be able to be hacked. Give it time. Some hacker will figure out a way to do the same with vista. Let the games begin. My money would be on the hackers. When a man like gates can afford to donate billions to charity money is not the issue. He is just giving money to charitys and we all know how honest they can be at times.
  5. I would use a 3rd party software to wipe the harddrive completley. That will forsure get rid of all the files on your computer. I have no idea what you may have on hand. Hirens boot cd is a nice option. There are severl others. I personally just dont trust xp to completley wipe the harddrive. http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/ Is a free utility to wipe the hardrive. Personally I have never used it but I do hear good things about it...........Best of luck. Oh after the wipe then just install xp and it will format your hardrive one more time and reinstall xp..........
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