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  1. yeah i know the average is decent but it includes the entire day when i'm not home. if it's possible to sort by actual usable hours i imagine it's quite low. i don't always test during evening hours because i'm trying to get tv shows to stream but i run a lot of tests at night and during the day. i would expect congestion at prime-time but too often it disconnects or is so slow it's not worth using.
  2. 2-5 megabits. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=100&q=043999
  3. yeah i'm certain i will get locked out because i took another router i had, reset it and tried to get in with no luck. The router is not their property but they charge to set them up again. i'm just baffled at this pattern day in and day out and their only response is "everything looks good from our end" https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=100&q=043999
  4. well should i really be accessing their router? not that i'm not curious but i don't want to violate some agreement and lose my service, they are my only unlimited option currently i have no access to the tp-link either. they set it up and changed the password, which i'm not used to and i specifically bought that router because i was familiar with the interface since i use them at work. they have truly locked me out which is frustrating. i don't know if locking people out is necessary to keep the average person from meddling or there are truly a lot of settings they need to turn on to even make things work i find it odd, no matter what they are doing, that everything has to be set on the router. but i'm a networking novice.
  5. i get an edgemax router login. they installed on my own router, a tp-link wdr-3600. on one service call they left me one of their routers they setup so i could swap to see if there was a difference, it's an airRouter HP. it didn't make a difference on my internet speeds but it wasn't gigabit so i don't use it. nice profit on their end though...they charge $99 for for a $40 router.
  6. ran a trace route to testmy.net: Tracing route to testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 10 ms 21 ms 16 ms 3 13 ms 15 ms 15 ms 64-4-100-205.unassigned.ntelos.net [] 4 38 ms 35 ms 33 ms lumos-netwo.ear2.chicago2.level3.net [] 5 40 ms 41 ms 44 ms 8-2-14.ear2.chicago2.level3.net [] 6 66 ms 61 ms 64 ms ae-2-3502.ear3.denver1.level3.net [] 7 60 ms 64 ms 57 ms 8 62 ms 224 ms 63 ms g7-42-edge5.core1.cos1.vis.data102.com [] 9 64 ms 77 ms 66 ms po1-core01.dist07.cos01.vis.data102.com [] 10 62 ms 61 ms 61 ms testmy.net [] Trace complete.
  7. that ip cannot be reached. i had my own router and didn't know until they showed up to install that i wouldn't have access to the router. it's Lumos. i'm not at home right now but my auto speed tests are plummeting like usual this time of day..it's either the AC or the kids home from school causing congestion.
  8. Mudman, thanks for the info. geographical obstacles are a concern. Other than some leaves and branches the tower is pretty unobstructed and i figure if most of the time (conveniently when i'm not home) i can get max speeds then it's not a geographic or obstruction issue.) I'm having trouble distinguishing between radio interference and network congestion mostly because i see my speeds plummet when i get home, which is when the air conditioning cranks up as well, then speeds go back up closer to midnight which is about when my AC shuts down. This also corresponds to when i'd expect network congestion. I would go around grounding everything but I really have no electrical ability whatsoever so doing it safely is a concern. I also wonder if tracking down any more radio interference is just a wild goose chase and the low speed is all the ISPs fault. is there a way to determine my time to live without having access to the router? Maybe it's set ridiculously short.
  9. the dish is on a pole attached to my chimney, which puts it at about 25 ft from the heat pump's condensing unit. There are a lot of things that can cripple the radio even if it's 25 ft away. It operates on 2.4 ghz so baby monitors (we have none), other people's routers (occasionally i see a neighbors router in my wifi list but that's very infrequent), ham radio operators. Motion lights caused major problems for me, there were a lot made with 2.4ghz radios, so whenever the motion light sensor on my front porch saw infrared movement it would then turn on the radio and double check that something was there. So ironically while sitting at my computer adjacent to a porch with a motion light it was seeing me through the wall being frustrated with my internet and continuing to broadcast radio making me more frustrated with my internet. At least this is my best theory. I turned off the motion lights (they have a normal switched light mode) and that problem was fixed. However I either have more radio interference that i can't account for or my ISP sucks. It's probably a little of both (or a lot of one) so solving the rest of my problems has been difficult. I haven't suspected the actual condensing unit per se, but the whole house surge protector that it's attached to. But you're right, that kind of noise probably doesn't travel more than a few feet. I have suspected network congestion for a while, of course my ISP denies that. I didn't realize until this week that we were sharing an IP address, which i guess i should have figured out long ago. I've been told they are moving to ipv6 soon, but who knows when that will happen. I inquired about a static IP but i'm pretty sure that will require their $150 business plan instead of my $60 2-5mb home plan. A majority of the time i'm home, nights and weekends, i probably average less than 2 mb. It makes cord cutting a real drag. I've sent logs from here to the ISP on several occasions but they say they don't see any problems. I have zero other options other than satellite so I can't just cancel and find someone else. I reached out to eriksonjw but i totally understand if they don't want to talk to some random dude on the internet. What i was hoping to find out here is if there was some setting i could tell them to change that would improve performance for shared IPs (i don't get access to my router) You mentioned TTL?
  10. i'm actually pleased there is some overlap so i can see i'm not the only one having internet issues with the ISP. Every time i talk to them they swear up and down i'm the only one with issues. My plan speed is 2-5 megabit. I had started with the 5-7 megabit plan but realized i averaged about 1 megabit. It's a wireless ISP, i have a radio and dish on my roof aimed at a tower on a mountain. the tricky part is eliminating radio interference in my house. perhaps this other user has more radio interference. But I basically can't run my air conditioning if i want to use the internet.
  11. yes it's a wireless ISP and i'm certain they are grouping multiple people under an IP address, who knows how many. i'm not very educated about networks, i know a little. what i don't understand is if this ISP strategy would result in poor internet for me. I've had a lot of issues and lately it's been almost unusable for what i primarily use the internet for, online gaming (low latency is king!) also, would multiple people speed testing every 5-10 minutes on the same IP affect each other in the group? If you look back at the connectid me and someone else have been testing it hard lately.
  12. I can't see how they're unique because i'm getting someone else's results mixed into mine, unless our ISP has somehow given us the same IP address and we are both frequently using this site to figure out why our internet is so bad. The guy did say they ran out of IP addresses and i'm not allowed to access my router...something's fishy. i've been doing 10 minute interval tests but the results page shows tons more.
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