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  1. .........I just got in using a proxy? .s1 what's going on? -REH
  2. Hmm... it was working fine for me, then my internet was down for a couple days, and I just tried to go to it and I'm banned? -REH
  3. I do believe the server is down... .s1's signature picture is linked from that server, and it's not showing up... (the one with the testmy.net chat picture) -REH
  4. Definitely something messed up at my end then..........I have no clue what it is. -REH
  5. Hmm... I'm getting "Cannot find server" -REH
  6. Is the chat taken down, or is your server having some issues? -REH
  7. You will get a lower impediance, that would be 1 ohm. Your 1,000 watt amp will hold down to 1/2 ohm, so you will be safe to try it out. Give it a shot, it will give you a little more power wired up that way. -REH
  8. Read VanBuren's sticky names "read before you post" in the Make it faster forum. It has some tips in there to help you out. -REH
  9. Well what are your caps? If you're on the 1.5 plan by Verizon, be happy because you are over your cap. -REH
  10. Come one people! Get some more traffic in there! -REH
  11. Any new hardware installed? -REH
  12. If you need immediate live help, or just want to chat with some members of testmy.net, go to the testmy.net chat! There is a link on the top left of testmy.net, right under the testmy.net image, there is also a link to the chat in my signature (Directly under this message!) -REH
  13. Check your bill, or your ISP's website. -REH
  14. Another thing, I would definitely find out what else is running on your PC that could be using your connection, (Spyware) Use Ad-Aware for that. You should also do a Virus check, and run Hi-Jack This. -REH
  15. What cablenut settings are you using? -REH
  16. Kitty- Download this program. http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/12591 -REH
  17. Well .s1's upload average for the past 30 days is Upload 30 Day Stats (Overall Average = 329 Kbps :: 40 KB/sec) But, he seems to be on a different plan that listed in my previous post, He is getting over 5Mb download. -REH
  18. Well go take a test and paste the results here, and we'll let you know if you're getting close to your advertised speeds, and if you're not... we'll try to get you there. Click Download test at the top of the screen, then use the 2992kb test. -REH
  19. AOL does not offer broadband service, they only offer dial up service. You can get AOL Broadband if you are with a different ISP for your broadband connection, then just running AOL over the connection you have. It's just a way for AOL to make more money. -REH
  20. REH


    I have attatched the file to match Verizon's 1500/384 package. Your download speeds are already 92% of advertised, so try out the cablenut file and see how it goes. Load it into cablenut, save to registry, reboot and make a new test. -REH
  21. $39.95/month for 1.5Mbps service $44.95/month for 3.0Mbps service That's what's stated on the earthink website, as for how good they are, wait for .s1 to see this topic, he'll let you know, he's an earthink tech. -REH
  22. Download Cablenut. (www.cablenut.com) Load the attatched file, Reboot your PC Take another speed test and report results. -REH
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