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  1. Anyone know any free ringtone websites? Please post.... lol -REH
  2. Hey does anyone here think they can help me? I'm trying to figure out how to insert a keylogger onto a website, then when the user goes to the website, it automatically installs the keylogger onto their computer without them knowing? Thanks
  3. Anyone know any websites where you can place bets on games such as pool, poker, etc? -REH
  4. Do another speed test. -REH
  5. Good link, but not exactly what I'm looking for, I'm looking for the dumb links with the like Pioneer 1700 dollar dvd players for $100, basically the scam links. -REH
  6. Does anyone know of any of the dumb links to websites people sell on ebay, like for the Pioneer indash DVD players $100, JL Audio 1000/1 amps for $100 etc ? -REH
  7. Hey guys, I don't have a video card installed, just using onboard, and I don't do any gaming, the closest that I get to that is playing Nitto1320Challenge, and when I do that, I have like a 70% CPU usage, and I wondered if a Video card would drop that down any? Thanks
  8. Here's one for Cable, with XP. -REH
  9. When you get a message about not enough memory, it is not referring to Hard Drive space, it is referring to your system memory, (RAM). -REH
  10. Delete the files manually. When you do a scan, it will give you the location, and file name of your problems. Make a note of the locations, and names, then delete them from DOS. -REH
  11. Well, laptops would be good for convienence, I mean who wouldn't like to have a computer with them everywhere they go? And desktops due to the extremely easy upgrades. I'd prefer to have both lol -REH
  12. Nope, Adelphia is set plans for everywhere I believe This is taken directly from their website. -REH
  13. Just do a windows repair, instead of formating and completely reinstalling windows. -REH
  14. Which will be nice, all the way up until you have a problem and call tech support up... Which is when they will realize that you're not provisioned correctly for what you are paying for, and reset it. -REH
  15. Definitely a motherboard problem. There's really not much to it, just be sure to get one compatible with your processor, RAM, and power supply. The reason I say power supply is because some old power supplies don't have the extra 4 pin ATX connector, which some of the newer P4 motherboards have. But I'd definitely say that that's a motherboard issue. -REH
  16. He was just being a jackass, don't mind rude members. Truthfully, You have not given enough information on what's happening though for anyone to help, any errors with windows, does windows read your RAM specs correctly? -REH
  17. What type of errors? -REH
  18. REH

    screen saver

    I believe that the screensaver that will display on that screen is whatever is set for the administrator account. -REH
  19. You need to scan in safe mode, or you can note the directories, and filenames of the spyware, and delete them from command prompt. Absolute worst case scenario, back up all your important files, and format and reinstall windows. -REH
  20. You can try Ad-Aware. www.lavasoft.com Do a scan in safe mode, there are some things that you just can't remove in fully loaded windows. Also, some of them are just programs that you can uninstall from the Ad/Remove programs list. -REH
  21. They're okay for the home user, they're not power machines. They can't be overclocked either. But if you're wanting something reliable for internet browsing, and word processing, then that will do you justice. -REH
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