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  1. sorry long time no post i've seen the IPG (Interactive Program Guide) for FiOS TV looks nice and the selection of channels are really good. when i get more info i'll post. but trust me it's a very good service.
  2. they are rolling back or to depending on where your from DHCP sometime not sure when nothngs been announced so far i'll keep you posted on it as i get details.
  3. ...if you called Tech Support I resent that if you called Sales then.... i agree
  4. TM


    NY...FL? The contractors seems to have their heads up their asses lately. I'm REALLLY SORRY PM me or email me i'll see what we can do ill get ahold of a few Supervisor's see what cog's can be moved. ya know?
  5. try damn near at all. we only block port 80 for a webserver but if your smart... and that's all i shall say on THAT matter thank you very much.
  6. MDU's = Multi Dwelling Units. you may now commence drooling They are coming.
  7. yea...sorry about that. kidding i dont believe i worked with you lol but that issue does sound familar could have swqorn we had someone call in about not gettin the speed they supposed to be getting.
  8. best way i can describe bandwith on a normal connection is it act much like a seesaw if your DL and UL are idle and your just sitting there then it will be level and your testing should come back fine. If your getting better download speed ie 15.2-15.5 then your upload will suffer and vice versa now this is not the standard way of thinking but its the easiest and most undertood method for explaining the way bandwith works in most cases for services like cable and verizon's fios. Hope that helps on explaining if it didnt oh well i tried and im vored so BLAH! LOL but yea ur speed DL wise looks fine try re-testing a few times at different times and if it doesn't improve then try those cablenut settings unfortunately they can garantee 2Mbps on UP TO 2Mbps Any more questions or just wanna know more lemme know i'm happpy to help.
  9. have you tried CableNut? Or Dr TCP? Just a thought need some more info there sunshine lol Then I/We can help.
  10. TM


    i believe the 30 price is the same or 20% cheaper iono but way to expensive for me....least right now and yes
  11. yes if you choose the wired option the router comes free at install if you choose the wireless option the router is charged to your acct at like 70 i think?
  12. TM


    when i get it i get a discount i get the 15/2 plan at the 5/2 price
  13. TM

    Miranda Speed Test

    like i siad i didnt mean to speak bad about the testmy.net servers this place kick's ass! i love it in fact I'M the one who recommended using Testmy.net as a sort of standard speed test site in the RI FSC aside from the Verizon one we have and the Miranda one of course...This place is the FIRST PLACE i bring every customer i speak to regarding a speed issue.. SO BOW BEFORE ME!! LOL ...kidding
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