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  1. I know this response all to well - I have had similar from NBN Co and TPG. The reason they only take speedtest.net net is they prioritise the traffic to them to inflate the numbers and make NBN and the RSP look better... I call it Fraud! They should accept test results from any valid test provider.
  2. Perth, Western Australia here. G'day All
  3. Hi Ca3le, I am aware of your automated tool and have been using it. I would like to run the tests and capture the results to CSV locally (programmatically) for collating reports that use with the ISP's here in Australia. previously I had been using speedtest-cli to do these tests. Due to my own ignorance, I didn't know about the differences in the tests - now with the new knowledge, I would like to use testmy.net to gather the results, hence the reason for my keen interest in the tool that Paga is talking about developing. This is the type of reports I have been collating previously with the speedtest-cli tool. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KKrkZUjA7Q1QL-HoFprcaOSNptyj4RNV-WbGI_plw-Q/edit?usp=sharing I generate these reports for myself, family and friends and also for clients as ISP's in Australia (particularly with new NBN installations) like to play the blame game and these reports are extremely important to hold the ISP's accountable. Cheers, Darren
  4. Hi Ca3le, I was looking at running the test every 15 minutes - is that going to trigger a blacklist?
  5. I have been looking for such a tool myself as it would be very handy to be able to automate this process as I collate the data and use it with my ISP's here in Australia. The different technologies used on the Australian NBN deliver different results for the same connection speeds.... I don't trust speedtest.net and the Australian ISP's prioritise traffic to this site - so the results are never going to be correct for all the reasons we know and hate. Paga, if you are continuing with this project and I VERY interested. Cheers!
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