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  1. welcome to testmy.net @ macky08 as master coolbuster2007 said that this is an english only forum. please kindly write it in english words
  2. you need to insert the override default plug direct onto the canopy device. if you open your canopy device you will see the rj-11 female port inside your canopy. if you already made a override plug just simply plug in there and boot your canopy as normally boot like normal booting or opening your computer pc. then read the rules and follow the guide on the first page and enjoy. anyways sir about this you mention i think it is the old box correct me if i'm wrong cause if your using a canopy box you will have a canopy box and the motorola adaptor direct connect to pc no need to use those old adaptor or hub or what will be the name of that box. will w8 for the other master will answer your question. for now that my personal opinion.
  3. @ fr0stbound that was the splitter out as you can see i disassemble the splitter so that it will fit to the canopy rj-11 port. see the sample picture of the splitter same as that when i buy this splitter then i disassemble it and i use the one end point of the female pins then i put into the male connector and set it to pin # 6.
  4. @ smartbroken_user you said that @ your place have a lot of supplier there can i ask how much each rj-11 cost? cause i'm planning to make a better one. i had on my mind but i need the exact 6 pin rj-11 connector. kindly contact me on ym or you can send me a message on my mobile # 09212573665 thanks in advanced
  5. yes coolbuster2007 i already tried it and 100% works fine for me
  6. i use the end point of the pin # 4 at directly attach to pin # 6. btw it is a 4 pins rj-11 so i manage to attached the pin # 6 to direct on the top on the rj-11 port see the attach pic clearly and you will see a something like a needle point on the pin # 6.. tomorrow i will try to take a clear picture of my modified override plug.
  7. sorry bout the pic i'm using the old one digital camera its not great on taking a shot on evening :uglystupid2:
  8. hi all just wanted to share my own made override plug. I made this modified override plug by my self cause its so hard to find a six pins rj-11 here in my area. I use a rj-11 4pin splitter then i trace the connection on each pins. then in the pin # 4 i make a jumper there and put it on the pin # 6. see the attach pic
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