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  1. LikeMikeScott

    How to share my results with a buddy.

    Thanks anyway. Found it.
  2. LikeMikeScott

    How to share my results with a buddy.

    I see the form (on the page for doing this.....once you click on My Results Email Results But......I don't see a field called SEND TO. Hate to look/sound stupid....but, where do I put the address of the person TO WHOM I want to send/share my results. (Have I really lost ALL my intuitiveness!?!?) Thanks, Somebody!
  3. LikeMikeScott

    Cut to the chase on ISP??

    Thanks for the suggestion......but if I go to this page and type in "St. Catharines".....the name of my city, I get only ONE return: St. Catharines. Aside from the fact that I don't know who/what "St. Catharines" is supposed to represent, there are pathetic speed numbers there.........ALMOST as bad as mine!!
  4. LikeMikeScott

    Cut to the chase on ISP??

    Since I'm not getting any response here, I guess I'd better state my question a little more succinctly: Is CABLE-based internet ALWAYS up and down like a yo-yo? And is DSL ALWAYS the "steady Eddy" of the internet supply-chain? Most of the Cable re-sellers whose performance I check show speed graphs that look like a roller-coaster. But these are in my "home market"...so I know how to pick them out of the list on https://testmy.net/memberstats. I'm not really familiar with the rest of the country/world, so I can't tell who's a cable company vs who's DSL, so that I could compare ALL cable vs ALL DSL. So, I guess what I'm asking is: Is DSL always better than cable (given comparable "claimed" speeds) in terms of consistency?
  5. LikeMikeScott

    Isn't HOSTSTATS likely to be badly skewed, by definition?

    Hey there! Thanks for getting back and for your info about new, upcoming features. In the meantime, I'm sure I'm going to get a little more practiced at using your existing tools, but, could you please give me a brief explanation of the attached? Thanks. Wait a minute.....now that I look at it, I realize it's probably not a "speed"........but a "file size". Is that correct?
  6. Again, as a newbie, I ask what is probably a dumb question: Isn't the speed data on any given ISP (in my case, V-Media, https://testmy.net/hoststats/vmedia#, likely to be skewed toward unfavourable results if (maybe I'm wrong about) the graph on that page shows the results of the "last 50" test, given that tests are MOST OFTEN performed when the performance of a particular ISP are "shite"? I MIGHT be mistaken.......I have been......a couple of other times!
  7. LikeMikeScott

    Crtc Ruling For Resellers To Get Higher Speeds

    There must be "updates" to this story, yes? The original "news" is getting pretty ancient..........2010! Thanks for any additional input........from anywhere!
  8. LikeMikeScott

    Cut to the chase on ISP??

    So, as an admitted newcomer to this site, I'm wondering (without trying to be rude), is it possible to "cut to the chase" and use some yet-to-be-discovered (by me) utility/command on the site that would allow me to easily determine which ISP in my "trading area" has the best ratings....AND value proposition (i.e. best consistent speeds, longest time between 'failures', highest Mbps per $). Not trying to take all the fun out of the "diagnostics aspects" of the game........but, why beat around the bush? Sometimes my speed is so bad that I feel as though I'm stupid to even HOPE that cable internet makes any sense at all (over DSL). Or is it possible that cable value/reliability is so dependent on specific location that it's impossibly to generalize? As I mentioned in my "self introduction", I feel as though I'm the innocent bystander of a pi**ing contest between my re-seller and HIS underlying provider. Thoughts? Comments?
  9. LikeMikeScott

    Greetings from Niagara, Canada

    Just joined here in order to bring some sanity to the conversation between me, Cogeco Cable and V-Media, (my re-seller of Cogeco Cable, who is my theoretical ISP.....although Cogeco provides the infrastructure!) It's bad enough when you have a "test of wills" argument with your ISP over slow internet speeds......them blaming your PC, router, modem (if you own it).....your neighbourhood, your front lawn and your neighbours who didn't call before they dug!........the list of reasons why it's NOT THEM seems endless. It obviously thickens the plot if you ad a re-seller into the mix.....like V-Media, Start, Rayan, Acanac, Primus, etc. You're REALLY asking for confusion then, because in addition to blaming YOU for your lousy speeds, now your immediate provider starts blaming THEIR provider......and vice versa. (Not to mention the complication that you can no longer even TALK to the "underlying" provider...because you're "no long our customer"! (The fact that you're still paying their salaries....just indirectly.....seems to be lost on them!) So......I'm here to try and find out "WHO's bullshitting WHOM" when the blame-game starts. Hoping that by getting a grip on MY speeds and comparing them to OTHERS.....(meaning other users AND other providers) I can cut through the crap and give my providers some irrefutable statistics about their service.....good OR bad.
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