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  1. yes and it sucks --o.... but theres soo much crap on PR lately i dont even bother calling em.
  2. are those speed with router? or even on PR? i cant get those speed when i bought a Linkys router, can you post the tweaks you made or if you did any with the linkys router? or can you help me? the router is a WRT54G and i update the firmware also. thanks
  3. well can u tell me what are ur settings on tcp optimizer then?
  4. hey rammolo and Thony can u post ur cablenut settings?
  5. please dont make this thread a spam and insults because it will get closed. soo just stop. thanks.
  6. I came back to PL. why? Simple, i got the offer of $35 for 3 months vs 60 of dmax? PL for me. i already checked on my friend place how was PL at night, and it was a little bad but for that price i would get along, just cant live up with dialup even if PL was $56 i would go with PL because i can cancel it when i want, if i go with DMAX and PL gets fixed, ill be all soo owned, cause u cant cancel dmax that easy(*1 year contract*) and hell $85 is too much, its even a ripoff. i would have stick to dialup. soo i got 3 months to decide what to do. =D
  7. guys talk english on this forum, we already had a fight because of us talking spanish thank you ^^.
  8. wow after reading all the new posts.. I was mad when there was a slowdown on adelphia for like 1 week, the conecction was a lil slow, but now i prefer having that 100000000x than being on the company that bought adelphia. and the big problem is that if they go out of Puerto Rico, what would it be for us??? 1 year contracts of DSL and Centennial... just great for the metro area... = right now i got the money to pay PL but im not going to suscribe again for this. i waited 3 months to get another good deal of 3 months of low price and then normal pricing. No PL for me for now.... =.... 56k owns Puerto Rico
  9. damn, just when i was going to put Powerlink back again since i quited work and had to cut some $$ somewhere , i quited on October. Right now as it is, hell im not going to Onlinepr whatever, now i have to wait another month, if just Dsl and centenial werent by 1 year contract then i would go atm. they should do it as of most a contract of 6 months. Thank God i logged to testmy and saw this post, almost wasted some of my money
  10. lol.. i would be happy if i had that kind of computer.... i got this: P3 - 933mhz 512 ram 160gb HD NVDIA GeFORCE2 MX/MX 400 Windows XP 17' monitor ^^ and im still happy with it, i play movies,songs, do C++ work,surf,play some online games. but i think for me would be better to buy it after vista come i think, the 32bit era is going to die after that soo if i waited this long why not wait a lil more? =o
  11. there are many people who have seen that on Puerto Rico, soo its not you only. maybe its because they have now more users or something new they are testing to watch what we are downloading? =P anyway the point is that most of the people are having that problem, including myself.
  12. You got 7 right! Good work, but you need to try harder to embrace your inner geek. good enough =D but like it says, i need to work harder... ^^
  13. Stay with kaspersky and dont look back it still the best antivirus scanner , sure the scanning time is longer than others but hey, its for the best. if its giving you resource problems or something my 2nd option would be bit defender. just my opinion.
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