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  1. Damn...thanks a bunch swimmer and on the ip of the computer thats going to recieve the logs i put my desktop computer right
  2. Yea my router always stays on and my model number is WRT54G, and its my computer isnt hardwired to my modem, im using the desktop card
  3. Can anybody help i still cant get anything..any ideas you could give me
  4. Oh...cuz im not getting anything from the logview...outgoing or incoming dont kno what to do?
  5. Ok...it should be there right, turn log view on or something
  6. I tried that address you told me to put in but it said page could not be found or something...any suggestions and yea i have the wireless g so it should be the right adress
  7. see my router is in a different room and the only connection is the wireless desktop card so can i still use it or does it have to be connected by wire
  8. can anyone tell me how to you use the logviewer for my linksys wireless g router...and one more thing does the router have to be connected to my computer to use my logviewer...as of right now my desktop is using the wireless g desktop card
  9. Damn RTB..i read past that like 5 times...guess i didnt kno what i was looking for..or i didnt want to realize how slow that is
  10. Can anyone tell me my cap for earthlink cable...in San Antonio...I searched the website but they really didnt say anything about that
  11. Can anyone tell me my cap for earthlink cable...in San Antonio...I searched the website but they really didnt say anything about that
  12. Oh alright yea...nothing's more than 50 feet from my router and the wireless connection doesn't seem to be laging or anything. So i think im good for now
  13. Oh...ok thats cool then im not really doing networking or anything so i'll just stick with the regular
  14. I was reading a thread and it said something about the internet provider caping their speed...what does that mean and you think i could call earthlik up and tell them to uncap it
  15. Oh so for what im doing the wireless g is just fine...and the boost really wont be much of a difference?
  16. Oh i was wondering why they had scores of 200 and above times faster than everyone else...But thats cool and thanks for the welcome and i'll keep posting all i can and when i have question...later
  17. When i was at bestbuy yesterday and was buying my router and cards...the wireless g with superboost had a sticker on it saying it only worked with window's 2000 and XP operating systems...
  18. Yea i just brought the wireless g without the boost because im really not running a home office i mean i have the wireless g desktop card...works fine always has connection, and also the wireless g notebook card, i had the same problem but seems to work good now...and i brought the gaming piece made by linksys too and it works fine...the only thing wired is my other ps2 which is directly wired from router to network adapter...everything seems to be working fine havent had anyconnections droped or anything but im wondering if i should've brought the superboost because i have 3 wireless things running of the router and only 1 out of the 4 ports on my wireless g router wired...should i take it back and get the boost
  19. I have no idea what its suppose to be...im only 17 and i my dad paid for all tha shit so i dunno...is there a way i can find out...but i see everybody else with like they're running 203 and 400 times faster than 56k...i wanna get somewhere close to that
  20. I Just Tested My desktop...I using linksys g wireless desktop card and running 2 ps2 which are both online right now, i'll test my wireless notebook later and i'll test with only one everything else offline......Oh and if theres anyway i can make faster could u guys tell me thx Your connection is: 2936 Kbps (about 2.9 Mbps) You downloaded at: 358 KB/sec Your TRuSPEED
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