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  1. is this website a non-profit? Is there any way I can contribute (besides donating cash (of which I have little) and sending users to the site (which I've already been doing xD)? I'm a programmer and I'd be happy to help
  2. oh, and a quick follow up question: most of the tests (on this site I mean) gave my connection between 3 and 4 stars (inclusive), despite my speed variance never dipping below ~80%. Does this mean that that much speed variance is 'acceptable' or that the star rating doesn't take it into account? I find that I can stream 1080p videos just fine, which I assume is because it buffers ahead when the speed is high and I therefore don't notice the troughs in the speed. On the other hand, when playing online games (Dota 2), I find that even within, say, 5 second windows I go from lag to no lag and back to lag. Which I guess would be because the speed is fluctuating wildly, unable to maintain stability even for 5 seconds. Does that analysis make sense? If yes, how do I describe this to my ISP? 'Speed' doesn't seem to be the correct term, so what would be?
  3. Oh I see, it means variance. I probably should've played around with the numbers more n figured it out for myself. Yes, standard deviation is more readable (especially when its expressed in mbps and not a percentage) so thanks for that! Also, what is 'My Host Avg?' Is that like my ISP's average speed or something? I absolutely love this site, so thanks for that as well as the detailed explanation above!
  4. My speed tests' graphs show a LOT of fluctuation from 0 to 200 Mbps, and that my speed varied by 200%, which I assume is really terrible. Firstly, what does it mean for speed to vary by 200%? 200% of what exactly, my average speed? Since a downward fluctuation greater than 100% is nonsensical, I assume it means something else. Secondly, how much speed variation would be 'acceptable?' Lastly, there are two graphs in the speed test results, one on top of the other, and both have the same labels on the x and y axes. However, they show different results (and only the bottom one contains my upload speed data as well as download). What is the difference between the two graphs? Thanks in advance
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