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  1. I have now been able to cacel Hughesnet at no charge, just have to send them back their stuff. Will be hot spotting it for now...
  2. Actually it was the Comcast tech that came and told me the lines were destroyed and could not connect their system the one who recommended Hughesnet or Viasat
  3. What I need is reliable internet, is it out there?
  4. I'm thinking Dish instead of Hughes net, but the get their internet from a 3ed party, so ...
  5. Att is not available in my area, neither is Viacom ,wow or comcast. We went through Hurricane Michael which destroyed alm the lines, so the show as available but are not
  6. Have had the service for 3 days now, and I cannot watch 5 min without signal dropping. Tech called and told me to many people on network and that I might need to wait 2 wks for it to get resolved? Do not think so, service might get cancelled within the week, and no I will not pay any terminations...
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