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  1. Have you tried power cycling your router and hub again? This sounds as though something is happening at the hub? Exactually how many pcs are wireless and how many are hardwired, excluding the pc connected directly to the router.
  2. Do you know how to access your routers web page? Usually, will open the page. Once there check under the, Wireless tap, and look at the, Wireless Security section. This will tell you if your network is using any encryption? But, this is something u usually setup yourself. Did you set up your network? Sincerely, compuworm
  3. I found this information on a linksys support site and thought others might find it helpful. Remember I am only trying to help so please be careful applying any changes to your system that your not sure of. sincerely, compuworm To find the proper MTU Size, you
  4. Hey look I am a nood at this stuff, really but I too have a central computer connected to a router and we have a second computer connected wirelessly. Yes. the wireless adapter is a linksys and what we have found is sometimes the network web key must be entered again even though we can see it is listed for the second computer.. So, we wiped the WEP key entry and entered it again and then press the connect button and yes there we go, it connects. I can't explain it but this has happened enough that it is my understanding based on what you are saying here it could be your problem too if you are using a web key. Anyway, give it a try I am only trying to help. Sincerely, compuworm
  5. We are talking about an adapter or a NIC? I will assume its a NIC therefore are u half or full duplex? Another thing have you uninstalled your NIC driver from the Device Manager area of your system? It sounds as though your driver is corrupted?
  6. What about updating the card driver have u done that?
  7. pitbull do u use hyperwrt with your router. I to have the wrt54gs router and use hyperwrt. Further, do you use a wireless adapter with any other system on your network. I do and I cant explain why I get less than half my ISP download rate of 6000Kbps from Comcast. I have don't everthing to increase the speed through cablenut/VanBuren settings to updating drivers. Still I cant explain why I am getting such a terrible rate. I you can help I can use it thanks.
  8. Yes, thanks I did try and change the channel but this affected nothing. No. I don't believe this is the best I can get. I have a friend who gets nearly his entire download rate with a wireless PC and he has the same kind of adapter that I do. In fact I purchased the same adapter hoping to match his results. No, its got to be something else?
  9. OK, nice specs, now can we get back to business. Any ideas to help me get your kind of numbers? Thanks, compuworm
  10. My typical download rate for my wireless system is 2500 Kbps which sucks. my signal strenght is very high usually 70% or higher and my link quality is usually very good as well. I have a linksys wireless adapter with speedbooster with updated drivers and utility driver. I used hyperwrt for my router and I increased my transmit power to 67 % from the default linksys setting of 50 % and that is why I dont understand my download rate? It should be better! Any ideas would be appreciated. My ISP is comcast I am suppose to get 6000 down and 384 up. Thanks, compuworm P.S. I am using the newest cablenut program with Vanburen's settings. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1629 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 199 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Mon Oct 10 2005 14:11:52 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) Bottom Line:: 29X faster than 56K 1MB download in 5.15 sec Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 37.28 % of your hosts average (Comcast.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-VM73BEUKY P.P.S. I am usually connected at 54 Mbps using my adapter.
  11. you know I am having this kind of problem too. I have two other computers connected wirelessly and I dont get the same download rate as with the main computer? I have 64 bit encryption on the systems.
  12. Please explain your setup. I have my Cable modem connected to my router and my router connected to my NIC. What is your set up like. What firmware version do u currently have on your router?
  13. have you tried the cablenut program with the Vanburen settings?
  14. I have the wrt54tgs and I dont have any problems with it. If you please explain maybe I can help?
  15. Have you taken look at the below link: http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-8809.0 Hope this helps! Sincerely, compuworm
  16. The hyperwrt Firmware for the linksys wrt54G/GS routers is ready. There are probably plenty of people who know this already but for those who don't I know it's been a long time in coming. I personally can't wait to give it a try. I hope your experience with this new firmware is favorable. Sincerely, compuworm http://bagupremier.free.fr/wrt/GS/Hyperwrt_GS_4.70.6-081005.bin http://bagupremier.free.fr/wrt/G/
  17. Welcome to the forum scooter1219, I to have a wrt54gs v2 router and it works fine. Do you have the latest firmware and have you looked at the links below. it is well worth your time to look it over very carfully: In short though download Cablenut then download the VanBuren settings. What is your advertised download and upload speeds from Comcast. Mine is 6000 Kbps and 384 Kbps up. http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-2097.0 P.S. What version of firmware do you currently have? Is it 4.70.6 cause I don't see a version 3 wrt54gs listed on the download page at linksys!
  18. Just go to the web site and look over the firmware yourself. I used it for years until I upgraded my router. As I stated previous its straight is in (in my opinion) its ability to increase your transmit power. I no longer use the software because my system is now all G standard and its fast. Remember by default most linksys routers usually transmit around 50 % or less the Hyperwrt firmware was initially created (I think) to improve those settings. Thus, improve your router. But read what the web site has to say and post in this forum for more information. I hope I have been of some help. Sincerely, compuworm P.S. Below is a cut and paste of the improved features of the hyperwrt firmware: HyperWRT has these added features : * Adjustable Transmit Power * Antenna Select * 13 Wireless Channels * 'Boot Wait' flash protection * Increased Port Forwarding & Triggering Fields * Increased Qos Device & Application Fields * Increased Access Restrictions Policies & Blocked Services Fields * Command Shell * Telnet Daemon * Startup & Firewall Scripts * Uptime * Reboot Button * Hidden features in the Linksys firmware
  19. hey dude have you tried using HyperWrt for your router? One of the best feature of this firmware is that is allows you to increase your transmit power. Check it out @: http://www.hyperspacehome.com/hyperwrt/ I have a WRT54GS. Sincerely, compuworm
  20. Many on this site might be aware of the links below if not this is a treasure trove of very useful Windows information. I just thought I would pass the links along. I hope this helps. Sincerely, compuworm http://ntcanuck.com/tq/alpha.htm http://ntcanuck.com/tq/numeric.htm
  21. hey dude have you tried to uninstall your NIC driver and reboot. Further, make sure your at 10 full duplex on your nic after the reboot. It is sometimes the little things that go over looked. I also agree Mr. VanBuren kicks ass when it comes to tweaks. Anyway, hope I have been of some help. Thanks, compuworm
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