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  1. I know there are probably a great many linksys owners out there that are aware of this great web site but for those who don't enjoy. It is a great resource site. I hope this helps. Your Friend, compuworm http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.php
  2. This is new for me but I have FF 1.0.7 and its suddenly not stopping ads form popping up? Ahother issue I have is when Itry to update the software through the Tools>Options it says no updates are available so how do I get 1.5?
  3. OK I just downloaded the Hyperwrt WRT54GS 4.70.6-201105 (Thibor) firmware for my router and it seems to be working beautifully. I was just wondering what Transmission Power setting I can get away with without have to use a cooling fan on my router. Right now I have it set at 67% but was wondering if I can go to 83% without a fan. Thanks, compuworm
  4. Mr. Deniro, most definitely. P.S. Hey weren't we suppose to do some online gaming together like xbc or xlink Kia?
  5. you can download firmware for it at the linksys site. What is the model number you know mine is (wrt54gs)?
  6. OK, that video was just wrong on SO many levels.
  7. Go to the below links and do as directed for the best possible speed improvements you will ever see. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=2097.0 http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=3924.0 This last links is a little program from MS for free and does a damn good job its called Advanced Windows Care. Its at the top of the list of the first page you see. Further there are loads of free utilities at this site courtesy of another testmy.net user (not me) who posted its location.. http://www.windowsmarketplace.com/results.aspx?bCatId=346&sortBy=POP&order=D&minPrice=0&maxPrice=0&userPrice=1&page=1 Your friend, compuworm
  8. Hey your doing pretty good on your own keep up the good work.
  9. According to the article (it seems) all I need is the XP cd with a key. But, having said that, I did use my friends original installation XP Pro cd and his key to regain access. Computers get stolen every day form homes, businesses anywhere. The point I was making is if you have sensitive information on your machine and believe it safe simply because you have it password and username protected, well its NOT. REH, is right, most attacks do happen through the net but if you are amount a growing number of ppl like me who carry around a laptop (I have two) well your changes of having personal information pilfered if your laptop is stolen just got better. Not all computers sit in a home and office and yes even those that do can get stolen. I do apologize if I have come across too strongly I am only trying to help. Sincerely, compuworm P.S. REH, with regards, I agree with your perspective all I was saying is here we have YET another windows security hole and why can't Microsoft make a better product. I mean come on, they have the money, time, resources, and the right people. Yesterday, I downloaded my 29th security patch for windows.
  10. Yes, there is an Administrator logon if you set it up but if you set up your Administrator password and forget it in Pro and/or home edition as we have found, your screwed (forgive the crude language). We did attempt to enter safe mode, we entered Bios set-up but nothing until we found the web article. I am absolutely amazed by the article. I mean all I need is a XP cd and have my cd key and I can bypass Windows XP Pro (for sure) and Windows XP Home edition's Administrator Password. I will then have FULL access to your files. This is some Windows security flaw.
  11. My friend screwed up his Username and Password by deleting the Administrative Profile or someting like that (he not that sure). But, we tried everything in order to get back into his system and failed again and again, I did a web search and found this link: http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/Pub0009/LPMArticle.asp?ID=305 I could not believe it but it worked he is back in and hasn't lost anything. I just though I would pass this along. I hope it helps as it has helped us. Sincerely, compuworm
  12. gwhall007; what do you know about speed connected with WAP-AES. According to what I have read the higher the wep encryption (128 vs. 64) the higher the cost to speed. Is this remotely similar for WAP-AES? Thanks, Compuworm
  13. OK your router is connected to your main computer via the NIC. Is the NIC set at 10 or 100 full duplex or what? Also, have you tried to uninstall your NIC driver and reboot. Further, are u using any TCP/IP tweaks like VanBuren's cablenut settings and the Cablenut program? thanks, compuworm
  14. Wait did you purchase an adapter or router? If you purchased the router was it a wrt54G or GS? I would never go with Windows to handle my wireless connections. If your computer (the one using an adapter or hardwired) can connect to the router but not the internet are u using any encryption? Sometimes its as simple as entering your wep key again.
  15. Well, this is all academic I mean what do you think Tyhoppy, what have you done regarding your router purchase? Thanks, compuworm
  16. Pitbull481, are u using the hyperwrt firmware instead of the linksys firmware for your WRT54GS router? I have the same router I have two pcs wireless and I have a very good signal strength for both.
  17. I don't know if you guys are aware of this post? I use hyperwrt Firmware with my WRT54GS router instead of Linksys firmware and got to tell ya it works great. The best feature is the ability to increase the transmit power for this router. I believe the default is about 50% I increase it to 67% and I get a damn got connection with all my wireless comps. I also recommend this product. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=8809.0 P.S. This router also works damn better if you purchase the 7 gain antennas as I have. P.P.S After contacting linksys they informed me the best Perferred DNS server numbers to use are: and the Alternate DNS server numbers are: Linksys says these are comcast's DNS server numbers and they are better the then the Public numbers such as I do use these numbers and they seem to be fine.
  18. Have you seen this link: http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=8087.0
  19. Are u using Cablenut settings to improve your TCP/IP connections! If not you can get them here http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=2097.0 Go to step 15. Actually you should follow all recommendations in that particular article.
  20. Its great you believe Vonage is good but before you purchase at least look into the Packed 8 deal. I have friends who have switched over and say its much better. Anyway its your choice and good luck.
  21. You know Comcast requires you to have MSIE to download the free Antivirus software. I have FF and will never go back to MSIE crap. So why isnt comcast allowing FF to be used for the download this is so fucking annoying. Sincerely, Compuworm
  22. Yes, I had Vonage and everything seemed fine until our neighbor told us she was charged long distance rates just to call us next door. This even though our area code was correct for our area. But, area codes mean nothing to vonage. I mean they can give you a California area code and this can work for you or not. After a pain staking investigation into the matter Vonage came clean and said they did not have a local number for our area but gave us a number that made it seem it was a local number. I mean what did we know we simply trusted them. So we have a Linksys adapter we paid $ 60.00 dollars for and now sits on a shelf. Well, we said goodbye to Vonage and we have discovered Packed 8 service, which is much better and yes they had a local number for us and told us that right up front. Sincerely, compuworm P.S. I have a linksys Phone Adapter for sell, cheap no kidding!
  23. I have seen Doom and the name fits its rating. The acting sucked it was a total waste of time and money.
  24. What are your download tests like now? What kind of Hub are u using? What I suppose I shoud be asking is what where your speeds like before the outage.
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