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  1. I appreciate it... We don't want to even ask, but don't want to miss an opportunity that may come along. Maybe someone will win Mega Millions and feel generous... We are gravitating towards not doing the surgery due to a combination of him already having no eyes and having already gone through one major surgery recently, plus his age. The chances of them getting it all out are about 50/50 and if they don't, surgery could actually give him less time. And if everything goes perfect, it may give him an extra 6 months vs doing nothing. But how much of those 6
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-conall-with-his-cancer-treatments?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 I'm not a huge fan of GoFundMe, but unfortunately our Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with cancer of the jaw and needs his lower jaw removed. Less than 2 years ago, we had to have both of his eyes removed, which was extremely costly and stretched us very thin. Unfortunately, we ran out, thanks in part to the pandemic and could use any help possible. I am asking for help(with asking for
  3. It was Voltageman It's been a while...
  4. CLEAR!!!! (blast from the past) I figured it was interesting that I finally got to Mount St. Helens and snapped this pic at 10pm at night in 2009. (I began the thread under different username) I must say, in person, it's massive and the blast zone is mind boggling. Even after all those years, the evidence, especially in the surrounding streams, is still noticeable.
  5. Perhaps a moderator could help me out with this one. I used to be active on this site a long time ago, even wrote a sticky guide for Raid and slip streaming windows XP(that's how long it's been). This is when the site looked a lot different. Well, things happened, I got busy and time moved on. And Verizon shut down their email services. I have managed to lock that account up trying to log in, and have yet to come across the password in memory. Is there a way to recover the account without the email? The email address is no longer functional
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