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  1. It was Voltageman It's been a while...
  2. CLEAR!!!! (blast from the past) I figured it was interesting that I finally got to Mount St. Helens and snapped this pic at 10pm at night in 2009. (I began the thread under different username) I must say, in person, it's massive and the blast zone is mind boggling. Even after all those years, the evidence, especially in the surrounding streams, is still noticeable.
  3. Perhaps a moderator could help me out with this one. I used to be active on this site a long time ago, even wrote a sticky guide for Raid and slip streaming windows XP(that's how long it's been). This is when the site looked a lot different. Well, things happened, I got busy and time moved on. And Verizon shut down their email services. I have managed to lock that account up trying to log in, and have yet to come across the password in memory. Is there a way to recover the account without the email? The email address is no longer functional
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