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    Vandreal got a reaction from xs1 in Dramatic Differences   
    I've used it today and the results are all better than before, in both places. The upload differential is still the same, no matter what I use, but I was rather expecting that. I figure I won't get true full bandwidth until I get somewhere that I can use Fiber.
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    Vandreal reacted to tdawnaz in Why Do My Results Differ From Speedtest.net / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    my results there are always out of this world...great numbers...like vanity sizing...but if i really wanna know if these jeans make my butt big tmn is the looking glass i believe...not always the numbers i wanna see...but hey sometimes the truth hurts...

    like right now i'm having an issue that began in early april...most likely my modem...testing here toldl me something is wrong...i called cox and they wanted me to do a test using speedtest inside their network...i said i wouldn't go by that (first off i don't go to any websites or dl anything off their network that i know of)..i told her .that i could already tell her that what it was gonna say...25+...here lately i'm getting 8 or so...so just for the hell of it i took a test there...yep...34...if i went by them i'd never know i have a problem at all...so yes these jeans right now do make my butt look big...but they lied to me

    i love tmn

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