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  1. Taj declared one of the seven wonders of the earth. Do u know about that.
  2. 18th of july, a star fell to add a new star in the sky of hindi litrature, who knows he may write some unforgetable things in english. Thats me " samey"
  3. Samey

    I am new

    U can find some very good friends like SAMEY.
  4. I can't understand,i am shocked, how this happended. Chris Benoit was my favourite werstler, yesterday i was saw his fight in RAW with Bobby Leaisley Could you tell all about :
  5. i know very well that in google site i get all information about this but i want to know the person who are added in TMN what they think about the all-rounder person.Which type of quality is necessary in a all-rounder person : what do you think
  6. allrounder mean a versatile person who is expert at many things "she's the bestall-rounder they have seenin years"
  7. could u tell me about the person who is allrounder in this modern world :
  8. Can you tell me meaning of VISTA
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