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  1. I just bought a new computer that has vista. It came with a Vista cd. Now can i use that cd to upgrade my laptop. I tried to install it but there was a screen that said that i cannot go from window xp media center  to vista home basic. But there was an advanced option that could click on, but that would clean out my laptop, which i dont want to do.

    Will the cd work? I'm willing to clean out my laptop if i have to.

  2. my isp is my phone company. i got there high speed dsl. its only 1 meg down and .5 up. but where im located i can only a max of around 100 Kbps down. My p2p speeds vary from 5-50Kps. I just think either my router is set up so it slows it down, or my isp is just shit(and it is) we've had so much trouble with it. It seemed like dial-up was more reliable.

    I dl torrents using bitcomet. my limewire runs fine i can get 100Kbps with it.

    Im not to sure on how port forwarding works.

  3. If you cant take it back, then you should be able to call compaq. I think they will send you a box so you can send it in and they can fix it. It may take a while to get through to someone. And if you can live with out it for a while.

    I have a compaq presario v5000. and the ram didnt work. So i called them and they sent me a box for the comp. but i didnt send it in because i just bought a new ram. but later on they did send me another ram but that one didnt work either.

  4. i downloaded "malware bot" and that found a lot of stuff that i think might be the cuase of my problems but you have to buy the full version to delete the files. Do you guys know of any other malware remover that will delete the files for free.

    one of the files was limewire so ill delete limewire to see if that will help. another one was zillabar and wildtangent. If you guys know anything about these let me know.

  5. im using IE7. but i think i dl something with adware or gone to a website that gave me it. and now i get pop-ups. now im just looking for something to help stop them. but most things i find you have to pay for the full version.

    now if i switch to firefox would that stop the pop-ups. Ive tried firefox before and i just didnt like it, because you have to dl add-ons.

  6. hi,

    I have been trouble with my dsl connection. It seem to disconnect whenever the phone rings, but it only does it when im playing a game. It only does it my my laptop. It never did this before. My ISP says that there is no problem on there end.

    What are some reasons for this and how do i fix it?

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