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  1. Well... I guess I have seen just about everything. I agree with several of the posts... "who thinks of this stuff"?
  2. I sure wish they would make this across the board... It would take Comcast coming up with something similar to OOL to get Verizon's attention in Texas. But it would be sweet!!!
  3. OK... let's try this angle. Check the website of your router vendor and see if they have any forums. Check to see if anyone has had issues with the most recent upgrade... I have found in the past where some updates can create problems... where in most cases they improve things... but there are always exceptions. Just a thought...
  4. I know this might sound simplistic... but have you checked to see if there are any updates (firmware) for your router. That has helped me in the past.
  5. That is so cool... you see, I told you that you would get it... So... what do you think?? At this point... I cannot imagine what I would do without it. Ronnie
  6. I believe the site and/or company is Sunbelt Software. I did a search for Counterspy Software on Google... Yeah... I agree... you will never get everything... but it is programs like AVG, Spybot, etc.. that sure do help. Ronnie
  7. Hey Gang... We all have it and we all hate it... I was on CNET yesterday and found some software called Counterspy. I would imagine there are probably a few of you who already use this. I have Spybot and run it at least three to four times a week. I downloaded Counterspy yesterday and was totally shocked at what was on my system... that Spybot had missed. For those of you who already use this... post your comments. For those who don't try it. You may be surprised. Ronnie
  8. Welcome to the forum blueorder... and welcome to FIOS. Isn't it great!!! I do have a word of warning... you will probably have to go out and purchase a larger hard drive... It is amazing how fast and how much you can download.
  9. Just joking around with you VanBuren...
  10. Interesting... I got the same thing. I really haven't noticed because all I can run at work is IE... I just tried it at home... where I run both... and got the same thing you did.
  11. Hey billybob... What type of camera is it and what type of memory card are you using???
  12. 10/10 ... that's just wrong. I can remember, very recently, when 1mb was high speeds. Enjoy!!!
  13. Any updates from Verizon on when they will drop PPoE... It really isn't a bother... really just curious at this point. Cheers, Ronnie
  14. Thanks to all the mods... this is an excellent site. A great source of information and sharing!!! :icon_salut:
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