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  1. you can skip some steps if your reluctant to. but i think your test shows already a promising speed and would jeopardize your current speed. looking for more juice would be ill advised.
  2. one will never be contented if another tweak promises a much better gain, id recommend CB's 20 step since you are interested.
  3. cool speeds... ill be joining testmy.net soon...
  4. just dropping by. ill join soon enough when work is done. more power. keep up the good deeds.
  5. this is a friends setup he got when canopy lite where not that common those days. i tried some tweaks and came up with these speeds. i hope i can get these speeds with the canopy lite, haven't got that chance to really get pass 1000 Kbps.
  6. Same as the other guys i'm with the 384kbps package. I guess its just luck i can get that speed. peak time speeds are 500 below, normal 600, and lucky speeds are like those 1k speeds.
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