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  1. Guyz can you please explain to me the meaning of factor/scale of 4 or 8 when tweaking?though im using gourame's css setting,i'm not really satisfied with my speed stability eventhough it can be a base station problem...But i think,somehow tweaking can play a big role on speed stability just like @Sira's post on her 2 cablenut settings she used and eventhough it's not peak time she always get a very impressive connection of 500-600 kbps...May i know @Sira ur location and distance to the base station....Ty
  2. @ coolbuster2007.... Well,actually,we forum browsers/smartbro users should thankyou guyz for helping other smartbro users with the problem we all have encountered...Although tweaking can vary from one another it's good to have guides like this...Well, I'm a big fan of online gaming and to enjoy the game you should have a good inet speed connection,although we smartbro users experience speed fluctuations,it's far better having an inet speed connection which is above from the advertised speeds...Well keep doing this guyz....
  3. Hello guys...I can see that we are all having the same problem with smarbroken,but thanks with these tweak guides that really help most of smartbro users even me...B4 i'm having an inet speed ranginbg from 80-120 kbps, and that really sucks which is very far from the advertised speed...But thanks to this guide i was able to improve my inet speed...BTW i'm using cablenut together with gourames settings and open DNS...Wish smartbro will be upgraded really soon here in Bulacan area....TY
  4. My Speed went low :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2:
  5. TY Tweaker Guys....Hope SmartBro will be upgraded here in Bulacan.... :haha:
  6. Please Help Tweak Pro........ Currently I'm using cablenut and gourame's settings..I have also installed a tuneuputilities2007..My prob is,I accidentally click the TCP optimizer,which i have read before that its not good to have both the cablenut and TCP optimizer at the same time....I got a slow connection afterwards...Please help me on what to do...PLZ peepz need some help and advice here for some tweaking..I have observed that i have a good connection in the morning and evening but during afternoon,It's a really broken thing... :sad: :sad: :sad:
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