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  1. as of 11:54pm manila time: still raining here...
  2. hmm... that's weird... my speedtest only counts to 270+ kbps (as of this time), but my utorrent DLs for 44kBps max (provided with 20+ seeds)... monsoon woes?
  3. ... as of 9:58pm, manila time ... heavy rainfall! monsoon woes...
  4. 7:39 pm manila time hmm... at least i'm near d max plan.
  5. 12:40 am, after i had been redirected to smartbro portal
  6. 3:10pm auto-proxy and using openDNS wow... increasing....
  7. as of 4:14am manila time having set to "auto-detect proxy".
  8. @frostbound - aw..okie... maybe thats it... well i think i should repeat the 20 steps, but hey may i ask, did u make a back-up out of it (cleaing registries)... im currently using opendns, suits well, i guess.
  9. hi... caloocan kid once again ...may i ask coolbuster, when you said to clean all your junk using ccleaner, does it means it include all the registries? ...and does ur 20 steps only applies to those who'd tweaked their antennas? salamat
  10. yeah... ive been reading all ur posts... have done all the tweakings from d contributors, from the 20 steps, opening the canopy, eyc. but hey, i don't know if i'm not that tech enough to do so... all of them failed my PC well, my last resort is to seek help personally to any friends here... go to my haus, (caloocan lang me, sori for d tagalog )and do the tweakings (canopy, network settings etc). i'm willing to pay for d service... anyone? brief PC info: P4 1.5 Ghz windows xp pro using via rhine II fast ethernet been a ''BRO' since last month... first 3 wks reaching 380kbps but im suffering at 272 to 290 kbps speeds up to this time.
  11. hi... new here.... ...anyway, i truly envy ur speeds... here's my speed as of this time: location is in caloocan (grace park area) waah.... help... help... help...
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