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  1. @becman - i think the air delay is only an calculation/assumption of the canopy antenna on how far your basestation is. i don't really know how the canopy computes it or what formula it uses. what's the antenna's basis for the computation of distance. maybe it's the time spent by the signal to travel to your canopy multiplied by the speed of the signal. (based on common physics.XD i'm such a stupid kid with really stupid theories hehehe! XD.) I guess the value on "Air Delay" is affected by the blowing wind. I noticed that my basestation seemed closer when the wind blows from th
  2. *Again, a friendly reminder to everyone participating in smartbro tweaks/enhancement forums/threads: If your basestation is faulty as in super faulty. You can't do anything about it. I've been monitoring my basestation for a while. if you're suffering the problem I call "scanning,registering,syncing" s*** on your canopy, the POSSIBLE cause maybe your basestation having problems. I don't know what's really going on on their side but I'm pretty sure, intentionally or not, it's their fault. Check the "SectorUserCount" if you're suffering from the stated problem. If you see a u
  3. Reminder to everyone participating in smartbro enhancement forums/threads: If your basestation is faulty as in super faulty. You can't do anything about it. I've been monitoring my basestation for a while. if you're suffering the problem I call "scanning,registering,syncing" s*** on your canopy, the POSSIBLE cause maybe your basestation having problems. I don't know what's really going on on their side but I'm pretty sure, intentionally or not, it's their fault. Check the "SectorUserCount" if you're suffering from the stated problem. If you see a uncommon number of sectorUs
  4. no thanks. thats too much. i can buy a good 60gb on tipidpc.com if i have that amount. by the why, your problem might be the basestation. check on your canopy if you're registered on a basestation.
  5. @Procopio - if I'm the boss of Smart, there will be no "tons" and i mean tons of calls on the hotline and post talking about tweakings. contractors are not the ones holding the money. ika nga nila "dumadaan lang ang pera at kame lang ang tagakontrata" technician are not at fault too. they are just laborers and they have no power to change anything because POWER is MONEY and MONEY is POWER. Technicians also wished for an upgraded basestation for the problem to lessen because they know its pointless to have a field visit when the problem is on their side. Procopio, youre asking me abou
  6. i was pertaining about the basestation only, not with the pc. if your basestation sucks, everything will be futile. I'm being arrogant or anything and i have a great amount of respect on you guys. I'm just telling what i've meant about the said post. @extremefusion - i suffered worst than that. i think its 2 or 3 weeks NO connection. i know its not on my antenna because when i checked my canopy the "SectorUserCount" is 0(Zero) meaning no one is connected. with a "RegFail" of 3000! AND their guys confessed that basestation color code 133 has problems. i will rephrase what i've
  7. 1.3k O_O. too overpriced. @everyone again - don't use proxy.meridian.ph coz sometimes it will forward you to www.meridiantelekoms.com >.<
  8. 250-460kbps with no tweaks or whatsoever. its just pure basestation randomness.XD @everyone reading this - guys, if you know a good dns server other than opendns please tell me. and other proxies also. *Reminder to Everyone: whatever you do, if your basestation sucks, everything will be FUTILE.
  9. @aneljr009 - bro your from sacred heart academy of novaliches? where is do you reside? caloocan? can you tell me the color code of your basestation? i'm from palmera springs (i didnt put my exact address coz tmanaz said so) near almar. off topic: if you have extra HDDs(i dont care what size it is) i'll buy or borrow if from you if you dont need it. i need it for bios upgrade. thanks.
  10. hello everyone. i just wanna know why (its sudden XD) is proxy.meridian.ph forwarding me to www.meridian.ph? i used it for a long time now and it never occured before. @coolbuster and frostbound - do you use proxies? what proxies do you suggest? OT for everyone - smartbro guy went here last week. they told me its the base station and they admitted that its with the smart not us. my dad had a chitchat with them for a while. it's funny because "ginawa kameng labasan ng mga hinaing sa smart company XD" and it's pitiful that Smart gives really low salary to their employees.XD
  11. @coolbuster and frostbound - i cant confirm anything yet. it changes on its own. im using opendns for a month now. i didn't change anthing on tcp/ip settings but still its like a random result. Sometimes it gives a "avg.smartbro.net" and sometimes "avg 241.176" my speed range is about 100-478Kbps.(478Kbps as the highest result recorded so far) i dont have any tweaks. i removed them because with tweaks or none 478Kbps seems to be possible. it's just luck (and mercy from the basestation).
  12. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Download Connection is:: 322 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 39 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2007/11/18 - 11:30am Bottom Line:: 6X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 26.26 sec Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 76.219 seconds to complete Download Diagnosis:: May need help : running at only 48.06 % of your hosts average (241.176) D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-DV85AEHUS User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) [!] hello
  13. @jacdmac - your using deep freeze? where did you get the installer? can i know how much did you pay for the installer? if you're tweaking registry dont use deep freeze. deep freeze is like a system restore. everytime you reboot, your pc will go back to the previous settings. the tweaked information that requires reboot will not be recorded on the registry because deep freeze will not allow it. tweaking registry requires reboot. tweaking with deep freeze will be futile. i dont know the whole case. this is just my opinion. dont be offended or pissed off coz i just wana help.
  14. hello TMN people. i feel new here. XD just wanna ask the basis for difference in result on 2 units with the same tweak. here, it is said that a tweak on one pc can give a different result if tested on another pc. what is/are the basis on the given statement? the Hardware or the Operating System? i know basestations are involved in this. but lets say 2 pcs with the same OS, environment,RSSI,Jitter,Distance from the basestation and configuration on the basestation but they have 2 difference hardware. is the difference on speed between the 2 units material? ho
  15. it's been a while since I last posted here. and again i have with me a couple of questions >.< is there a topic in TMN for sharing smartbro connection? (not relevant but please help, sorry admins^_^ peace^_^) do you people know the configurations for sharing smartbro on a network? smartbro is crap, but i just want to know how^_^ i'm done with the tweaking and now my new hobby is pc assembling.
  16. YEAY. finally. 400club with 43 other users in my basestation. WARNING!!...do not post linking urls to other speed test sites per forum rules...
  17. thanks^_^ its an honor recieving a complement from a veteran i wana share something..(gives you guys an idea of whats really happening) my friends and i did an experiment on smartbro.. my friends wondered what if we stream or download at the same time. will our bandwidth change or its still fix.. my first guess was ofcourse it will because the AP gives fix bandwidth on each canopy. so we did a test. i told 5 of my friends to download a file (not the same file server but the same file size and i think the same file server status) chronologically on our peak hours(10pm-
  18. *reminding new guys on this forum like me.* PATIENCE is a virtue. P.S. for those who are searching bandwidth hack for smartbro, no one here hasn't posted it yet. maybe its still undiscovered or it's just not possible. smartbro can control bandwidth, we cant do anything about it. unless we take their loved ones as hostages and ask bandwidth for ransom. hehehehehe. (makunat sa bandwidth ang smartbro, ganun ang buhay kung minsan.T_T)
  19. @heya - you've accessed your canopy before and messed up or your trying to access it for the 1st time? dont put that gateway. its the gateway to connect on smartbro AP(i think? hehe.) i think you should try putting on default gateway.... and put the subnet mask. maybe your on the 10.xxx.xxx.xxx series. if your on that series try getting your ESN. i've posted something about that recently. i think its on page 85 or 86. i also cannot access my canopy sometimes even if i configure my IP settings (weird huh?) and the solution was to replug the ethernet cable here
  20. oh.. you mean the transmission bandwidth is more than twice the signal bandwidth? so meaning 330kbps... hmmm... it matches.. i get it a little. i think. hahahaha. thanks.
  21. wow. i think no one should tweak that. and i think even if someone knew, he can't because only the smartbro's employees have the priviledge to make some changes on that. but if someone here knows how to tweak or configure PRIZM or whatever smartbro uses to limit bandwidth. please share. hohohoho.
  22. my link test result changes but my speedtest.net result is not changing. ranges from 320-350Kbps. but the link test result changes from 5449700 to 3643400.. you mean that the link test result indicates the maximum amount of bandwidth which is 665Kbps? the APs im connected to can provide a maximum amount of 665Kbps? smartbro uses PRIZM? PRIZM is capping the canopy right? but why is my canopy showing 665Kbps but not in speedtest.net? hmm.. im lost. hahahha. *nosebleed*. how does smartbro limit bandwidth? maybe if i understand this i can figure out why this things occur.. th
  23. this were the things i was talking about..
  24. hey jun101ph. nice to see you back and posting. i wana thank you for the homemade stinger specs you posted before. its an old post if you still remember it. guys, can you please look at this. i did a link test on my canopy. this is the result. it says there that downlink is 5449728 bps. bits per second right? so i converted it to kBps. its says 665kbps.O_O i think the canopy doesn't lie. here's the thing. if my canopy says i can recieve 665kbps then why does www.speedtest.net tell me that i only have 384kbps of bandwidth? is the 5449728bps result from the canopy a fa
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