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  1. so what will be the effect? does the motherboard will be affected too?
  2. the new psu dont have switch. it is atx 500w. ac input 230v, 4a, 60hz dc output 5v, 12v, -5v, -12v, 3.3v, +5vsb
  3. the original power supply has a switch and it is set to 220v. and the new power supply don't have a switch. nothing works when i installed a new power supply then turn on the cpu. even a fan does not work. no beeps.
  4. i live in the philippines. we use here 220v. my computer is set to 220v but i accidentally plug in my computer to 110v AVR. please help.
  5. i accidentally connect the pc power cord to 110v. then i supposed the one directly affected is the power supply coz it aint working anymore. then i replaced it with new power supply which have higher watts(atx 500). problem is that my cpu is still not working. what should i do? please help!
  6. i just tweak my connection few hours ago but it seems no improvement. can i tweak my connection again?plz help!!!
  7. i tweak my connection just few minutes ago but i think my speed connection is still the same
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