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  1. Hi there ExtremeFusion. Just wanna thank you for the message you sent. You are not just a good young man, you are also cute. Anyways, I followed your instructions and my speed got better. I saw it is ranging from 320 to 400 kbps, I just do not know how to post the result. Will learn to do it eventually. You guys here are great. I have read the posts of Gourame, Frostbound and Coolbuster2007. They share their knowledge and it helped me a lot that even my girl classmates wanted to meet them.
  2. I'm sorry if I ask too many questions. I hope you will not get tired of me Sir.
  3. I usually use internet during daytime for work and surfing during lunchbreaks. Is there a way I can improve my speed from average 300 to something higher?
  4. ExtremeFusion, does speed differ in the day and nightime?
  5. OK I will try that Sir. Maybe in the next few days I will be able to have better speed. Tenx
  6. I don't know how to tweak. I need to read the threads to gain knowledge on tweaking.
  7. OK Sir. I hope you guys can help me improve my speed a little more.
  8. I'm sorry I have to change my name because FlashKid sounded awkward. Anyway, my speed? It is ranging from 250-380 kbps.Do I need to call the hotline you gave sir?
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