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  1. what kind of canopy do you have? the newer one or the old box type?
  2. im using TP Link router ... my neighbor is keep on bragging that he is using our net for a week now i dont know if its true or what so ever, i had my router set with passwords like for accessing it and the WPA2 for the SSID accounts ... i dont know if he's just making fun of me i just want to make sure and ask for advice and suggestions ... anyone ... please help ... thanks in advance :sad:
  3. did you turn back proxy off? just try to set it back to no proxy, exit ultrasurf then restart ... what else did you changed before the slow thing happen?
  4. usualy cmos clear jumper is near the battery go get your manual and check where the cmos clear is at ... regarding the battery just push the metal holding it and it will automaticaly popup ... just be patient and try ... if things wont work just try to flash your bios like sir mudmanc4 said ...
  5. this is what i did to keep it automatically running on start up ... put the file which is U91.exe (updated version) on any drive you want (ex. c: , d:, etc.) rightclick start menu then click open open programs folder open startup folder create a shortcut of U91.exe in startup folder then rightclick U91.exe click properties in shortcut tab find run then select minimized then click ok :cheesy: hihi my prob is i dont know how to run it without clicking minimize to put it in the system tray. Is there a way of doing it? i tried the registry but its the same as the one i did.
  6. nice tip you got there ... hehe tried it already it seem doing good so far ... ei btw how can i autorun it in background so it wont bother me every time i start my computer ...
  7. but is it possible to portforward smartbro and does it really help if I port forward it? acutually my dl speed is above 30k just wondering if i can boost it up a lil bit. Got realy fast speed using bitcommet before and its about 50-70k just curious why is that so hehe
  8. can somebody help me setup my port ... im using a router dlink DI-604 ... i tried different kind of steps found here but nothing happens ... still cant open my port ... BTW is it ok just to set it by default i mean i wont change a thing? thanks in advance
  9. how will i know if i already patched it? is there a way to know it?
  10. i have a question ... i also encounter the one that says "Canopy Lite - 5.7GHz - No valid accounts configured. Using default user account" is that ok? and is it possible to access canopy w/o doing the tcp/ip configuration ( / because i can access mine w/o doing it. thanks in advance ...
  11. thanks dude i upgraded mine ... all seems ok ... keep it up ...
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