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  1. Hi guys. I am wondering if anybody here is experiencing the same problem as I do. My test on TMN doesn't finish. I mean, it only shows some texts like: This test will automatically re-run every 1 hours.. Minimize this window and go about your business but it doesn't show the result. I am wondering if this problem is on my ISP or with the TMN server. I can't seem to find the trouble and before I call my ISP, at least, I can pin point that the problem is on their end coz I can't even finish downloading some of my files from my own site using the link I made unless I access the file directly thru the server - that's how I can finish downloading the files. Hope you can give me feed back if anybody is experiencing the same problem here. Thanks and have a nice day.
  2. you should determine what type of usage your going to do with your webhost. what i mean is that, you should know what you type of OS you wnat your server running like linux or windows. if you will only use it for storage, then i think it won't matter. you should also check out the hostgator.com i have been using it and so far they are cheap and have one of the best customer support. you can reach them via email, phone or live chat.
  3. Well guys, all you need is be consistent and persistent. Know the person to contact in your local area and if they still don't anything about it. Report it to NTC and DTI via email and/or snail mail. Make sure you carbon copy yourself and the PLDT when you send and email. This is for record purpose. And if your sending a mail, make sure you make it registered mail and have a send receipt type of mail so you will know who received the mail you sent. And the most important thing is ask for a rebate. Rebate is their weakness. They don't want to give you rebates because if they do, they won't have "record breaking profits". Make sure you log your calls when you report the problem. Log the date and time, name of the agent you talk to and the nature of call why you and/or the problem you reported. Make your log as detailed as possible. This way, they can't placate you or tell you that they have already given you the rebates or tell you that your problem is not qualified for a rebate. I am the living proof that they don't give the exact rebate because when I asked for the detailed report for my rebate, none on their report matches my record. That's why it's the best idea to have a record yourself so you can send it to your local PLDT office and show them your call logs. Their are more points to show you how to do this. I will make a blog about Philippine ISPs. Will give you updates about this. But for the meantime, we all need to work on this. All ISPs are depending on the filipino attitude that we tend to accept even if it's not fair. This is where the ISP is hitting their record profits.
  4. i am not sure if i can post the link here. here is the link. http://support.dlink.com/downloads/ just look for the model you have and you can see the firmwares that you can download. in case this link is blocked. just go to your router's dlink website and click the support tab then click download. then look for the model of the router you have.
  5. hehe, I was about to write a complaint of what happened to the links of the pages in the forum. I was surprised after I woke up this morning to check the forums and there's no link of the pages on the lower right of the forum.. hehehe
  6. jdbendijo


    sure, no prob tdawnaz. well, i was just gone for like about 2 weeks of not having tested my speed. I usually have my speed test scheduled every hour.
  7. here is my firmware version Current Firmware Version: 3.23 Firmware Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 I updated it like a year ago.
  8. jdbendijo


    it's pldt from philippines. before, my top speed for downstream was about 2.5 Mbps. I haven't on here for awhile and got back like 3 days ago. Now, i was surprised to see my test results of more than 4 Mbps.
  9. awww. that's probably their old stock but try to check on the dlink page. you will se a notice that dlink discontinued that model. I was just browsing for the update of the firmware for the router but too bad that i can't find any update since they discontinued that production.
  10. wow, i am really amazed how these guys are contented with the speed. you know what? you should not be contented with that. that's why, Philippines ISP providers don't bother to improve their system or even if they do improve their system, they tried to get more customers and clog the system that's why the speed is still quite slow. And with the money you are paying for, you should be getting more than what you currently have. When I was in US. i was paying $45 for the speed of 10Mbps. We should dump the attitude of "this is Philippines...". We should encourage the ISPs in Philippines to provide better service.
  11. i think you cannot forcefully change your ip address even if it's dynamic. I am not sure how long is the lease time of the IP address to a particular MAC address. Usually, the default lease time is 1 week.
  12. Hey guys, I just read your comments here about your DSL plan with PLDT. I was once a victim of PLDT although I am still having problems, at least PLDT was able to give me a decent speed lately (except for a few disconnections due to the problem that they have this fiber break lately the isolated the vismin area and it's still not fully restored). Anyway, here are some tips to presure PLDT to provide you with the speed that you are paying for. 1.) call your agent or your area head supervisor who handles your account. Know the minimum speed you should be getting for that plan and know how far you are from the distribution of PLDT (the farther you are, the slower the speed you will be getting). Knowing the minimum speed will distinguish the plan that you applied for. Example. if you have a 3Mbps plan, you should be getting 70% of the 3Mbps and only if you are less than 2 kilometers from PLDT distribution point. 2.) Make a log sheet (e.g. on excel) every time you get disconnected and for how long you got disconnected. Monitoring software like hostmonitor will help you log your internet activity especially when you get disconnected. 3.) Every time you get disconnected, report it to 171 or 172. 4.) log the calls you made to 171 / 172 / 173. Make a log sheet (on excel preferably). Log the date, time, department you called (e.g. 171 + extension), name of the agent who answered the phone, ID number of the agent, the problem/concern why you made the call and if you want to log more details, you can a "remarks" column. 5.) give specific instructions to the agent of 171 / 172 / 173 not to close the ticket until somebody verified it if your connection is ok or not (you should insist that somebody should give you feedback before they close the ticket). You should be firm on every instructions you are giving to the agents. 6.) log the calls of the technicians or whoever from PLDT who called you or whenever you receive calls from PLDT. Log the calls the same way you log the calls you are making to 171 or 172 or 173. Get the technician's name, ID, time and date of call. 7.) Wait at most 48 hours. If nobody has called you from PLDT to give you feedback, call the 171 or 172 or 173 again to check the status of your ticket. If you're ticket has been close, ask for the ID of that technician who closed your ticket and file a complaint to the customer's service (via email) against that technicianor whoever closed the ticket without giving you feedback. 8.) apply for a rebate. This is a little bit tricky. Every subscriber is entitled for a rebate. call the 171 extension 53 when you apply for a rebate. Ask for a rebate to all your downtimes. A lot of times, the agents will tell you that YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED FOR A REBATE SINCE THE PROBLEM/TICKET IS/WAS NOT OPEN FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS and rebate should be given to tickets opened for more than 24 hours and that's their company policy. Take note, "company policy" is not part of what you signed for in the agreement form. That 24 hour policy for the rebate is not mentioned or disclosed on your contract. According to the NTC as I have verified it, subscribers are entitled for a rebate even if the downtime was only for an hour and it should be "prorated". You should insist your right for a rebate. 9.) ask for a detailed copy of how they compute your rebate. This time, your record keeping will come in handy. You should check against your record which downtime they applied for a rebate. Most of the time, they don't include a lot of downtime on your rebate and you should insist that they should include it. That's why, you should keep a detailed log of your call to 171, 172 or 173 so you have records and PLDT can't fool you. If you are not getting what you paid for, try to write a complaint to the DTI and NTC. Hope that this tip will help. You should exercise your right as a customer/consumer. You should get what you are paying for. Don't let PLDT rip you off.
  13. oooppss. i missed an information. you have a dlink dl-524 router. we have the same router and dlink already discontinued the production of that router and when i checked it, it seems that it's not equip with snmp protocol and i am still trying to look for it and how to enable it if there's any.
  14. i am not sure if this will help. I think you can use the onlineeye pro to monitor the bandwidth used including the router as long as your router is equiped with SNMP. just check this link and read it. hope this helps http://www.pmasoft.net/englisch/html_help/tutorial_snmp.htm
  15. smartbro is only in phiilppines. that's the wireless internet that you're still wired inside your house and no signal when it rains or during strong winds.
  16. jdbendijo


    I don't know what happened here - whether the testmy.not got a new server for the past few days and/or not congested anymore or is it just my ISP provider really worked on the problem to deliver me the speed that I am paying for. I am so surprised for the past few days that my speed reading on the TMN reaches more than 4Mbps which I rarely get more than 2 Mbps for the past few months.
  17. hmmm, i have gone to another topic here about the update of windows. Is the SP3 on XP the same as the SP1 on vista? because they were released simultaneously and got several delays before releasing them.
  18. it was on my auto update but it didn't notify me or it was not on my system tray that there was an update until I read from microsoft website that the SP1 was already available for update. So, when I checked my auto update, there sure is the SP1 sitting on my auto update. So, I clicked the "install update" button. I was hoping that it will solve the problems I encountered with vista but instead, it messed up my video and sound driver.
  19. Does anyone here have problems installing the SP1 update of vista? I tried updating the SP1 from my auto update and after the installation and restarted my pc, I can't seem to adjust my display settings and my sound card was not detected automatically. I thought Vista have fixed a lot of problems since it's already an update but it got worst than I thought. I had a lot of problems after updating the SP1. Lot's of drivers were not detected. What a nightmare.
  20. oic. but i tried that link and it doesn't show anything on my browser.. hehe. it says, "page error" or "page does not exist".
  21. what is all about this smartbro commotion?
  22. what's ur ISP? I have a professional plan for PLDT which I signed up for. They offered the up to 5Mbps last year and that's what the package I got. They told me that I should be getting at least 70% of 5Mbps which is 3.5 Mbps all the time. But since I signed up for the plan, the average speed that I am getting is just 1 - 1.5 Mbps on off peak hours and less than 1Mbps on peak hours. But when the connection is really good, I get up to 2.8 Mbps. But still it's way below the minimum guaranteed speed they should be giving me or shall I say, that I am paying for.
  23. no. i got pldt dsl, which should render me 5 Mbps downstream. I had about 3.1 Mbps downstream weeks before.
  24. I am actually in Philippines.Although I am quite far from the server but it usually gives me the acceptable speed if I am having a "very good" speed. But lately, even if I have a very good speed, I only get a reading of less than or about 700 Kbps which I am wondering. Anyway, here is my tracert to the TMN. Tracing route to www.testmy.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 42 ms 45 ms 42 ms [] 3 41 ms 46 ms 42 ms [] 4 44 ms 42 ms 46 ms 5 43 ms 42 ms 44 ms 6 107 ms 104 ms 106 ms pos10-0.cr02.hkg04.pccwbtn.net [] 7 282 ms 284 ms 284 ms pos10-1.br02.dal01.pccwbtn.net [] 8 328 ms 324 ms 325 ms theplanet.ge5-3.br02.dal01.pccwbtn.net [] 9 281 ms 283 ms 286 ms vl32.dsr01.dllstx3.theplanet.com [] 10 281 ms 285 ms 285 ms 72.fd.5746.static.theplanet.com [] 11 284 ms 291 ms 282 ms po1.car06.dllstx6.theplanet.com [] 12 327 ms 336 ms 328 ms a6.e2.364a.static.theplanet.com [] Trace complete.
  25. I am not sure what's going on here lately or if there are other factors that affects my speedtest results on TMN. I noticed lately that even in the wee hours, I am getting only like 700 Kbps download speed even if I experience fast browsing, download, etc. When I check my speed on some other sites, They register pretty fast reading but the TMN. Does anybody experience the same thing too?
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