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  1. My best speed so far after CB's suggestions(from 363kbps), Tnx CB !!!
  2. Ei CB that's good can you pls analyze my "Services" and tell me what i should remain in ACTIVE mode? I have also the following Startup Items running: SpeedupmyPC utorrentWinpatrol Winamp agent Quickfix AVG anti-virus LG ODD Firmware check (for my DVD Burner) Realtek HD Audio Manager (sound driver) Power ISO Windows Messenger (I don't use it) SIS utility tray (video) HP digital Imaging monitor (printer) Spybot S&D Nokia PC Suite (seldom used) Cfosspeed DAP If i would disable any of them how do i do it. Thank you
  3. hi, what's the difference between high and low priority link CIR is 100 on all good? or should i peg it at zero for all? Thank you.
  4. Hi peeps, anything I need to change in these settings?
  5. will there be difference in the speed of connection if it's 2x or 1x?
  6. it's currently in 2x how would I know if my AP is operating in 1x or 2x?
  7. what would happen if i change it to AIM Mode? also, i would like to know what would happen if i disable 2x rate? thank you in advance need to know if something "will" go wrong before i do it...
  8. I agree, it's just that it's tiring to keep on unplugging it from the PC to connect the antenna to the xbox if i want to play xbox live am financially embarrased as of the moment so a router is out of the question, will Internet Connection Sharing work for me? BTW I manually configured my IP from one of the posts here in TMN, if I change the last octet of the IP address of my Xbox d'ya think it'll work (sort of an ad-hoc connection)
  9. Hey, canopy gurus what's the difference with Operational Mode and Aim Mode in the Canopy Page? does AIM mean that you should have loine of sight of a base station? BTW I see alot of Cellsites in my area (Parang, Marikina fortune area) can you guys please post Pics of "our" base station because it says in my Canopy Page that i am 4018 ft away from the base station and I see other stations closer than 4 kms I don't want anything to go wrong and point at a Globe Cellsite hehehe
  10. actually it can work with xbox live if you directly connect the rj45 link from the antenna to the rj45 link of x360 then change the MAC address of the xbox to exactly the same as your pc and host name from ipconfig, it works, i tried it i just want to try ICS if it works with the same principle (the second LAN acting as router )
  11. thyanks again guys for the info, one question...I'm trying to connect my Xbox360 to Smartbro for Xbox Live (i already have an account) don't have a router, I tried installing another LAN card in my PC instead changed the MAC of the expansion LAN Card to spoof that of my integrated LAN (mobo) I guess everything should work but it doesn't, anybody here know why??? dunno if i should post this as a new topic anyway, I'm thinking will enabling NAT for my canopy work for me or should i just forget about this idea. Thanks in advance.
  12. tnx for the info I'm now at 8.2.2 SM DES anything I need to change?
  13. Hi, quick question how come when I put in the CNUT Network updater it gives me AP instead of SM-DES?
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