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  1. dude if you have a 3g phone you can use it prepaid style just connect to the internet via phone
  2. well maybe some guys have all the luck teehee. i think that smart bro has a cancer is smartbroken a group here? how can i join??
  3. is there a log in tab in your canopy main page? just type in the user name root and leave the password blank if there is a log in tab usually found in the upper left corner of the page
  4. my DL speed gets getting better heres my average thanks again coolbuster,megabytez i owe you guys a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dude i have the same problem as yours but i solved it check my post it could be a great help to you http://www.testmy.net/t-22066
  6. whew i changed my color already from 1020 RSSI average w/ 84 users i switched to 800 average but only 8 users in the area. i got big changes in my speed now im on their advertised speed thanks guys and to coolbuster and megabytez thanks for your tips i owe you a lot guys
  7. thanks megabytes i see my problem now it seems like we have a lot of user in our area ill try changing my color code but will i sacrifice my high RSSI to lower RSSI with only few usercount?
  8. hello im a newbie here can anyone help me please? ive tweak my canopy and have outstanding results but the week after my speed goes back to 97kbps then i tried coolbusters 20 step to faster smart bro and installed cable nut then fooom back to 7 times faster than dial up or 390+kbps. then suddenly the next day i encountered a blus screen and my speed goes to 157kbps download and 342kbps upload can anyone help me w/ this issue @coolbuster: dude i need your help.thanks to your tweaks my net got a lot faster
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