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  1. Radsl

    In the last 60 seconds

    Yeah, so true Bro, look at the birth rate , I must be slowing up in my old age
  2. Radsl

    I said get a life dang it.

    my UK friend Andy did the same a year back , sold everthing including 2 cars to a buyer , and my ex is doing the same , just walking away , and has no clue where she will end up , but she will have a bucket full of my money , hey,and wish her well , truth be known , I don't begrudge her that , and I wish her good luck l , ( if it works out OK. I may turn up back on her doorstep ,hell yes I do still care ), but she wan'ts a new life , and I guess we both do , a lot of UK folk ae doing that ,just uping and going ,
  3. got to go , the first Hotmail is in Hey Mudmanc whats with the Catsup comecial , I have been trying to find out more about Catsup ., it was one of my first memories from when I was a todler in the channel islands , is/was it an American prioduct , I got an add for that somewhere from 1932 , never could figure how you could sell a product called CATSUP , is it still availble ?, any links wellcome ,
  4. , and this is under News ? OK for a dare I will change mr hotmail setting to online , the result will be on your head , BTW no personal details will be shown , to protect the innocent , and I will post back the printable messages , just so Tommie knows whats in store be back soon ,
  5. well bro , never thought I would nearly grow up to be a cross between a geek and a superstud , and get a free meal , no wonder the weight is piling on ,
  6. yeah it's working , but I hate hotmail , but is now working OK since I found I could appear off line , coz soon as I log in I get swamped with "Hi Roco , my computers is !!!, can you come over and fix it XXXX) well I guess thats the problem of being so popular with the ladyzzzz,
  7. How did you guess it was Roco , its a long story Coknuck , my Isp PipeX.com , got took over by Tiscali a month back , and TMN notifications stopped arriving so I moved this account to my Hotmail addy , at least I got notifications that way , my new ISP has premium rate support, and is closed all day Sunday and bank holidays , but I have sent an email to support ,I ain't hopefull of getting it sorted , so I am running Radsl on hot mail for a try out ,
  8. we never step in it , we collect it carefully , bake in the oven ,( while the wife is out shopping ) then save it for the village cow pat throwing competition , it's a big village sport over here ,along with haybale tossing , wellington boot throwing , and Morris dancing , , Hi mudmanc, if you need somebody to carry the cases , drop me a PM, I need a change of scenery ,
  9. Radsl

    testmy.net notifications...

    Hi Tdawnaz , thanks on that , will login , and see happens , be back soon
  10. Radsl

    testmy.net notifications...

    Hi Tdawnaz , Ok did that , no I didn't get pm notifications on Roco , I think my ISP is removing all the notifications from TMN, as running a spare computer with basic mail program only I am still not recieving notifications , although my Roco email account is recieving mail from all over the USA , but not from TMN, My dial up Radsl (different ISP ) is working fine , and recieving notifications , but to use that I have to use dial up and pay by the min. ,
  11. Radsl

    testmy.net notifications...

    Well with all the Sh*t flying around over here for me , that ain't a bad idea,
  12. Radsl

    testmy.net notifications...

    Dang me he's back again Yeah it's Roco ..... from the UK, Thanks Tdawnaz , I did all you sugested , had already done that B4, but did it again , with no change Then in a moment of pure insanity I changed my email address in my profile, and a notification has been sent to me , now this is the killer bit ,I aint getting any notifications , so Roco can't log back in , I have tried a differnt spare computer and modem , just in case it was caused by my spam filters ect , no luck , Maybe my ISP is applying it's own filters ?, and the TMN notifications are getting filtered , as I can't see any other reason , BTW I get notifications on ths account "Radsl " on 56K dial up and different ISP,
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