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  1. Today's Xplornet satellite speed is the worst yet:

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Download Connection is:: 60 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 97 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 7 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main)

    Test Time:: 2010-06-26 15:39:35 GMT

    Bottom Line:: 1X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 146.29 sec

    Tested from a 97 kB file and took 13.219 seconds to complete

    Download Diagnosis:: May need help : running at only 1.27 % of your hosts average (215.60)

    D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-Q5BDKFPJV

    User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) [!]

    Why ever did I dump my 56K modem? The service cost only half as much!

    If you could also do a 'upload' test to make sure your dish is still properly aligned. The upload should generally be around 125Kbps most of the time. Be nice if the download was also at a steady speed too(fast). But the Telesat Anik F2 satellite is sold out in various provinces. You just have to enter a postal code into Xplornets home page to see if it will offer a Kazoom, etc. package or not.

  2. Who's the ISP? We could test to their speed test to see if the speed is accurate from outside the ISP's network(if they allow outside users that is). Edit: """ I see a cable ISP in your area(your signature location) has an internal network based test. is an internal network(LAN) IP range.("ISP customers only" noted on it's link) """

    Saw a review posting(couple of years ago) for a small ISP in Alberta that hacked the customers DNS lookup to divert outside speed test site links to their own server. Such a crime.

    Some ISP's don't have enough capacity to the Internet and they make a test from the user to their server to show nothing wrong at all(which is stage one of diagnosing Internet slowness problems), unless you need to surf the Internet at advertised speeds that is. Some companies 'up to' are such a joke compared to actual speed.

    Is Comcrap available? Or is the local CableCo the only one? Maybe DSL is available?

  3. You can check the routers address via the command line. Type in ipconfig /all (there is a space between ipconfig and /all) . And there should be a line that says "default gateway". It should be the address of your router to get into it if someone changed it. If the wireless units are getting online then they should be able to access the router if you know the address.

    Other way is too reset your router to factory default settings via the reset button that is recessed on the back or bottom of the unit(It will cause you to lose all your settings.) 'If' it is truly the router and not just one machine and you can not access the routers interface with the other machines either.

    You could also roll back the Vista driver on the ethernet port to see if it's another freaking Vista issue.

  4. OK Sat is none of my buisness ,The UK is a small island , I don't know anyone over here on sat , it's either Adsl via phone line or Fibre optic cable in the larger towns

    Might you have a talk with our government? You hit the nail on the head. But then again, our Government is two years behind in all their data anyways. So it's like talking to a outhouse. It stinks and isn't of much use other than slinging your crap in it. :mellow:

    But I always mention that DSL could be expanded easily with a small government subsidy. That way it can be available to a grouped community of 30 homes(Well a 6 mile circle. 15,000 feet reach from the box). And then the sparsely populated areas could have a WISP(some are a bit dodgey) or Cellular high speed Internet. And then satellite for the really sparse areas.

  5. Who's the provider?

    Are there any published 'burst' speeds? Such as 1Mbps speed for about 3MB's of traffic and then it drops to 300Kbps 'sustained' speed, until a new download/webpage is accessed to cause it to rise back to 1Mbps again.

    Sounds like the provider has something mis-configured in the speed rate of the tower. So maybe the 'burst' and the 'sustained' speed control is acting screwy. So they are going to blame other things first.

  6. Man amputates his arm(almost completely) when he gets it caught inside his old cast iron heating boiler unit. Then friends and cops show up 3 days later to get him out completely.

    Man Trapped in Furnace, Amputated Own Arm to Live

    Following Surgery, Doctors Say Conn. Man Saved Own Life by Severing Arm with Tools

    June 11, 2010

    Surgeons today grafted muscle tissue onto Jonathan Metz's shoulder, two days after he amputated his arm with household tools to free himself from his basement furnace.

    Metz's arm had become caught between heating cores inside the boiler on Sunday, Battalion Chief Matthew Stuart of the West Hartford Fire Department told ABC News.com.

    Three days later, Metz, 31, could smell the flesh of his crushed arm beginning to rot, the telltale sign of life-threatening infection.

    Floating in and out consciousness, and drinking water leaked from the furnace, Metz made a decision that doctors say saved his life: He placed a makeshift tourniquet near his left shoulder and, using the tools he had available, began to cut off his arm.

    Today's surgery was the first step in fitting him for prosthesis.

    "This morning we went back to reexamine the wound," Dr. Scott Ellner, the surgeon who operated on Metz at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Conn., told ABCNews.com.

    "The area around the wound looked healthy and viable. He is in very stable condition and is in recovery. He is awake, talking and appreciative. He has a very strong sense of what's going on and understands his situation," he said.

    The surgeon said Metz saved his own life by amputating. The dying tissue would have caused a deadly infection, he said.

    "People wonder how someone could go to that extent and remove his own extremity. But he saved his life by removing the non-viable part of the extremity. The wound released toxins that were circulating through the body. Cutting away that dead tissue saved his life," he said.

    Ellner did not know the tools Metz used to sever his arm, but said the cut "was very clean for someone who had no medical experience. He was able to preserve blood from leaking."

    A small bit of fat and likely a nerve were all that prevented Metz from fully amputating the arm, Ellner said.

    Metz, who lived alone, was rescued Wednesday after a friend, Luca DiGregorio, grew worried when Metz did not show up for work and missed a Tuesday night softball game.

    Metz did not answer the doorbell when DiGregorio stopped at his home Wednesday, but he said he saw Metz's beagle "yipping at the back door." DiGregorio called police, who found Metz in the basement.

    "I was a little worried, especially when the first cop showed up," DiGregorio told reporters. "Then more showed up, and then the ambulance showed up, so it got a little nerve-racking."

    Firefighters used a spreader, normally used to tear apart cars with people trapped inside to remove Metz from the furnace.

    "We used the spreader normally used to tear a car apart. It was pretty old boiler and this particular unit was very strong. We had to cut a support rod inside the boiler and spread apart the two halves, breaking the cast iron in order to extricate the arm from unit," Stuart said.

    After he was free from the furnace, Metz was taken to the hospital, he said.

    Metz's family lives in North Carolina and did return calls left by ABCNews.com. Neighbors described him to the Associated Press as a quiet and friendly man who helped them shovel their driveways after snowstorms.

    Metz case recalls that of hiker Aron Ralston, who cut off his arm with a dull knife after becoming trapped under a boulder in a remote Utah canyon in 2003.

  7. http://www.google.com/pacman/

    Now without the sound auto playing in demo mode. Note: Flash based sound, so I didn't know about the sound till someone called me(IE user) :laugh: , since I have flash toggled to 'off' in FireFox.


    Google's Pac-Man freaks out Firefox users

    Homage to 1980 video game swamps Mozilla's support site, triggers malware fears

    May 24, 2010

    Computerworld - Google's celebration of the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man last week flooded Mozilla's Firefox support forum with complaints about siren sounds and offbeat music.

    Others asked security vendors if they'd been infected with a virus.

    On Friday, Google posted a JavaScript-based version of Pac-Man on its main search page as an homage to the 1980 video game, the latest example of what the company terms "doodles," which are usually static images that celebrate "on this day" events.

    But the game freaked out some Firefox users, said James Socol, a Web development engineer at Mozilla.

    "Unfortunately, in the initial release [of the game], [the Pac-Man] sounds started playing automatically -- an oversight or an homage to <bgsound>, I guess," said Socol on his blog today. "Even if Google was open in a background tab or window, or in a hidden iframe created by an add-on, the Pac Man music and sound effects would start. And that confused some people."

    So many, in fact, heard the sounds that when they didn't find an explanation on Mozilla's support site, they posted enough questions on the support forum to slow the company's database server to a crawl.

    "The pounding we took on the forums also caused replication on our slave databases to fall behind by as much as 1.25 hours, so even when we wrote an article about the noises, it didn't show up for most people," Socal added.

    "We just got DDOSed by Pac-Man," Socal said another Mozilla engineer quipped, referring to a distributed denial-of-service attack, the malicious assaults that attempt to bring down a Web site.

    Several Firefox users reported that they were able to eliminate the background sounds by disabling or removing the CoolPreviews add-on, which lets users preview links and media content without abandoning the active page.

    Other users spooked by the background sounds wondered whether they had been nailed by malware.

    "We had a new kind of 'virus' attack today that people were calling in about," said Mike Williams, a support manager with Clearwater, Fla.-based Sunbelt Software. "A few people, including an admin[istrator], called in thinking they had virus with the sound of a siren in the background of their Web browser."

    The noise, of course, came from Google's Pac-Man, noted Sunbelt CEO Alex Eckelberry.

    Google has removed the Pac-Man doodle from its home page and placed it on a peripheral part of its site. Automatic game sounds have since been disabled; they now begin to play only after the user clicks on the "Insert Coin" button.

    Pac-Man was first released on May 22, 1980, by Japanese company Namco, and appeared in the U.S. later that year on arcade machines made by Midway.

    click to enlarge


  8. Wow I already sent several e-mails to Best Buy...They don't even care lol...

    It can be a good money maker with these extended warranties.

    The one about replacing your unit with a comparable unit has been noted to be a pain in the ass to get a actual 'comparable' replacement. It all depends on what part of the compauter that they are comparing(CPU only). http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&source=hp&q=comparable+replacement+best+buy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=d2a3ca21987adb1


    Best Buy Threatens To Replace A $2200 Sony Laptop With An Asus EeePC

    November 4, 2008

    Is there a difference between a Sony TZ ultraportable laptop and an Asus Eee PC? Reader Ignacio bought Best Buy's accidental damage protection plan for his $2200 Sony TZ laptop, and when he did, indeed, drop it -- Best Buy threatened to replace it with a $600 Asus Eee PC, and finally decided to issue a $1200 gift card -- the price of a 15" Dell notebook. Fair?

    Ignacio says:

    I would like anyone who has considered buying this plan for a computer or has one to be aware that this warranty is useless and a waste of money. Don�t buy it.

    I had purchased a Sony Vaio TZ laptop about a year ago with the accidental protection damage (ACH) for several reasons, but mainly because the sales man suggested it for such a small laptop and for how expensive it was ($2200). Buying this warranty was a peace of mind that the sales man a year ago assured me of.

    Jumping forward in time, a year later, I accidentally dropped my laptop and took in for repairs at the Geek Squad. The gentleman who attended me was very helpful and assured me that I would be taken care of with what he called �a high end laptop�. As a side note he even admired the size and weight of the laptop, which was the main selling factor for these laptops from Sony and why they were so expensive.

    I received a call yesterday (10/31/08) from Best Buy saying the repairs were too costly and that my laptop would be replaced under warranty. I drove there today (11/1/08) to pick up a replacement. The attendant showed me a what she referred to as a comparable model (Vaio Z) and said I could take that as a replacement or use that money($2000) towards another computer , in essence store credit. I picked out a computer that was more expensive and she said it was fine, but I had to pay the difference. When we got to the register and as she started to ring me up, she stated that she had not done this type of return before and she asked a colleague to help her. She was told it was being done incorrectly and we were sent to talk to the supervisor of the computer department. This is where the trouble began.

    I was told because of the specs of my computer the most comparable model was $600, which was an Asus EEE pc, but they would do me a favor and give me $1200 for a 15� Dell. When I stated to them that neither of them were comparable, because the sized and features that the TZ, they replied that they do it spec for spec and that my laptop only had 1gig of ram, a 1ghz processor and 100gig hard drive, and that was the closest computer. When I tried to explain to them that this computer was expensive because of the size features and ultra-portability; they ignored me and threatened to make my in-store credit less than $400 for some other netbook. I said that was not fair, the supervisor printed a gift card for $1200 gave it to me walked away. I asked to speak with the store manager.

    The store manager, Huff, came and I explained to him what had happened in the last hour. He tried to understand what had happened and brought the supervisor from the Geek Squad department to help him out because he admittedly said, �I am not good with computers.� The supervisor told me the same as the rest that spec for spec there is no comparable computer, and that was the best they could do and I should be happy with that and instead of $600. I asked him to check Sony�s website so he can see that even a year later the TZ models are in fact cheaper, but more than $1200, and just as comparable with the one I bought. He said that he would not check any �junk� websites and only base his decision on what they had in the store. He told me to call Best Buy, and then yelled at the manager behind me, �This conversation is over,� and left. I was left standing at the cash register in the Customer Service area.

    I called Best Buy customer relations from within the store, but they were of no help. They said they would not replace base on purchase price but �comparable technology.� When I said they were being unfair about comparing my computer the attendant on the phone said that was policy and there was nothing she could do.

    So basically, to summarize, I bought a premium ultra portable laptop from Sony and it was compared to an Asus EEE netbook, under replacement, or a 15� Dell brick of a laptop that is worthless and not comparable. Salesmen are misleading when they are trying to sell you something. Good thing I didn�t order my laptop with the solid state hard dive, or else a comparable model would only have 60gigs of hard dive space. That is how �knowledgeable� the Geek Squad employees are, especially when the supervisor compares a premium notebook to a netbook.

    I will not buy anything from Best Buy again. I spend thousands of dollars personally and more through my business, and I often refer my friends there as well. Not anymore, customer service is bad, the prices are more expensive when compared to internet shopping, and they rip you off. I encourage anyone not to buy from Best Buy and if you have to buy something there don�t waste your money any �peace of mind� insurance plans.


  9. Well, I'm on StarBand at $50 with a rolling 7 day 1Gb cap which averages about 130Mb/day. Speeds are fine for the most part on the new satellite, but we still get some rain-fade in heavy weather. I take steps such as blocking images to stay well under the cap most days, but even at that I hit about 110Mb the other day just using boards like this. They have a free (non-metered) period between 12Midnight and 6AM Eastern which I use for software updates.

    In 'options'(my settings), under 'forum' , you can disable all the user pics and smilee's.

    This is from a canadian site for Starband....


    Please note that the FAP thresholds are only monitored between the hours of 6:00am and 12:00am.

    Nova Pro 1000 (1024/128)

    Download Threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 2000 Mbytes

    Download Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 1500 Mbytes

    Nova Pro 1500 (1.5/256)

    Download Threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 5000 Mbytes

    Download Exit threshold (rolling 7 day period) - 4000 Mbytes

  10. And that right there is 90% of all complaints. I sure new ones would arise if those were fixed, but it would actually make satelite livable for more. And less would run to EVDO when given the chance. For now EVDO is even cheaper besides better service. I did not hesitate when given the chance. I RAN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.......................... :smitten:

    And here I thought that 90% of the complaints were for "slower than dialup" in the evening.

    If people paying about $80 a month could keep a speed of 1.5Mbps 24/7 , they would be happier. And a FAP limit per month of about 30GB's. 'Almost' like 'cheap' DSL.


  11. If you are buying a cell phone to use with your wireless provider. Your wireless provider may have a better insurance plan that is better for less money.

    Each item has it's own details of coverage.

    Is it worth it? Depends on whether the item may die or be easily damaged before the end of Insurance coverage.

  12. Interesting that since ViaSat bought WildBlue, that as customers leave, ViaSat is not going to replace them on the more congested beams. That way is to give current users more bandwidth to make their Internet experience a bit better.

    And information on lots of new high throughput satellite's soon to be launched for various areas of the world.


    21 May, 2010

    ViaSat To Reposition WildBlue as Higher-end Service Offering

    PARIS — Satellite broadband hardware and services provider ViaSat Inc. told investors it will not systematically replace subscribers leaving the WildBlue consumer broadband service in certain densely populated regions of the United States, but instead will reposition WildBlue as a higher-quality service as it prepares for a big satellite scheduled for launch in 2011.

    ViaSat Chief Executive Mark D. Dankberg in the past has criticized consumer broadband efforts for short-term thinking, saying they have tried to stuff as many subscribers as possible onto a given amount of satellite bandwidth, often resulting in mediocre service. He has said satellite broadband will carve out a sizable market niche only if it approaches the bandwidth and price levels of today’s DSL service.

    For Dankberg and ViaSat, the question since their purchase of WildBlue in late 2009 was whether they were willing to risk the revenue hit that would follow an attempt to give each subscriber more bandwidth by reducing WildBlue subscriptions in high-demand regions.

    In a May 14 conference call with investors, Dankberg said ViaSat would be doing exactly that as it prepares the market for its large ViaSat-1 Ka-band broadband satellite designed to provide much more bandwidth than that currently offered by WildBlue.

    Dankberg said Carlsbad, Calif.-based ViaSat, at the same time as it lets the subscriber count in the eastern United States drop with customer attrition, will be redoubling efforts to lure subscribers in the western U.S. states, where the WildBlue satellites have plenty of available capacity.

    “Growth there would mostly offset reductions in the subscriber count in the eastern half of the U.S., as we aim to reduce network loading that we inherited from the prior management in those beams,” Dankberg said. “Demand [in the east] is still high, but we are trying to change the perception of satellite broadband. One of the factors is loading on the network. We have a different view of how that should be, compared to how it was with WildBlue when we acquired it.”

    ViaSat-1 is scheduled for launch in February or March 2011. If ViaSat is correct in its analysis of the demand for low-cost, high-bandwidth satellite broadband, it will need a backup satellite. But the company is already testing the nerves of its investors with ViaSat-1, and Dankberg said a ViaSat-1 satellite would await the arrival of co-investors.

    “There’s a pretty good chance this could come together in this calendar year,” Dankberg said. “But we’ll be pretty clear when that point occurs, and it hasn’t quite yet.”

    He said a ViaSat-2 satellite, if ordered in late 2010, could be in orbit in 2013.

    ViaSat’s principal U.S. competitor, Hughes Communications of Germantown, Md., has a similarly large-throughput satellite, called Jupiter, under construction and scheduled for launch in 2012.

    Hughes and ViaSat are extending their broadband competition into Europe, with ViaSat allied with satellite fleet operator Eutelsat of Paris and Hughes allied with startup satellite broadband provider Avanti Communications of London.

    Avanti’s first dedicated satellite, Hylas, is scheduled for launch late this year, as is the larger Ka-Sat under construction for Eutelsat.

    Dankberg said Eutelsat’s vision of satellite broadband for consumers is similar to ViaSat’s. He said Eutelsat has indicated it would load no more than 1 million subscribers onto Ka-Sat, which has 70 gigabits per second of throughput capacity. He said Avanti’s plans have also referenced 1 million subscribers to be fitted onto two satellites with a combined capacity of around 10 gigabits per second.

    Eutelsat spokeswoman Vanessa O’Connor said May 19 that the company has referred to a subscriber base of between 1 million and 2 million for Ka-Sat. Avanti has said its Hylas 1 and Hylas 2 satellites, with a combined 11.3 gigabits per second of throughput, can accommodate up to 1.35 million subscribers.

    Beyond North America and Europe, Hughes and ViaSat are struggling to establish positions with several Ka-band consumer broadband satellites that several governments are considering to provide broadband to rural regions.

    ViaSat has lined up Yahsat of the United Arab Emirates as a partner. Yahsat is launching two satellites in 2011.

    The Australian government is weighing a private-public partnership to launch two Ka-band satellites to cover Australia’s territory as part of the National Broadband Network. A decision to proceed with construction of the satellites has not been made, but both ViaSat and Hughes are primed to enter the market.

    Hughes on May 13 announced the formation of a Hughes Australia subsidiary, “demonstrating the company’s commitment to serve this strategic and rapidly growing market, particularly in the area of Ka-band satellite technology and services.”

    Dankberg said ViaSat expects the Australian project to move forward this year. Other, similar networks are being debated in Latin America, Russia, parts of Asia and Africa, he said.

    ViaSat is also seeing increased government, especially military, demand for airborne broadband to deliver intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data over the Middle East using ViaSat’s ArcLight modem technology developed for commercial markets.

    “Our success [in airborne ISR] has made it evident how applying advanced commercial satellite technologies can really outperform existing government organic capabilities,” Dankberg said. “That’s an important theme for us, especially as these new commercial Ka-band satellite platforms are being launched in the next year or so in Europe, the United States and then the Middle East.”

  13. yeh i was...but decided to save that money for now and put i towards some new hardware...like a new modem and router...and some hardware for my grdaughters computer...now it appears that i may be needing a new printer as well...not much in the way of drivers for lexmark...jury is still out on that tho...

    k...now my first question...

    how do you pronounce ubuntu??

    Ubuntu (pronounced /uːˈbʊntuː/ oo-BOON-too)

    Plug and play the printer and hopefully Ubuntu will pop up a notice for you to get the drivers online if there are no local drivers all ready loaded in the computer. I do it with Windows all the time. Too much crap on some driver discs.

    And if you don't need color in a printer, get a low priced laser printer with the toner cartridge. It will last for ages and no ink to dry up. Just make sure you have enough power for it, since they like to use a bit more juice to get fired up.

  14. maybe I could get weaned off of X.p .

    I lent my 70+ year old mum a Ubuntu computer for 2 weeks, while I reconditioned her XP box.... The complaints started lightly after about two days. Well since things are not where they are supposed to be.

    But the praise from her for XP running so much better with a new harddrive and new graphics card.

    Now if only I could get her to upgrade to a 20" LCD monitor, from the old 16" CRT.

    But the new version of Ubuntu seems to be better than a couple of years ago. Haven't played with the new version too much yet.

  15. Ubuntu 10.4?

    I just 'finally' put it on my Vista Basic box. And it is a much better computer now. And the rear speaker 'out' plug works now too.

    I just had to do a few tweaks to add programs to run video and online music streaming codecs.

    The only thing that annoys me is having to log in on boot or resume from standby. Maybe I'll try to tweak it out again. :wink2: I modded the password last time on a older box before I decided to go with Windows 7.

    And I did crash it once already. Had to hold the the power button for the standard time, for a hard kill. I think it had to do with a bad software package that didn't want to download and install.



  16. Some blurbs in Google results seem to suggest the site frappr.com was bought out and is maybe dead or has a squatter on it.

    Site now resolves to.... platial.com

    And details.... http://platial.typepad.com/news/2009/12/important-notice-about-frappr.html'>http://platial.typepad.com/news/2009/12/important-notice-about-frappr.html

    Latest details are some sort of Twitter based stuff to try and generate a revenue stream. http://platial.typepad.com/

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