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  1. is there a another proxy to use???? my proxy is not working now T_T before its working and fast but now its sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww T_T
  2. my proxy is (proxy.smartbro.net) port 8080.. last month its woking fine on me but now ..... grrrrrrrr its not working.. and when i put my settings on auto detect proxy it wok but slower now than before T_T
  3. wahhhhhhhh MY proxy is now working now??? some one can give some working proxy now?
  4. SORRY man i already post an english version see the 3rd post im still noob.. this is my 3rd day on this forum
  5. kung nababagot na keo sa itsura ka wifi antenna natin (smartbroken) pede na keong maging unique watch this from you tube.. mga 30% to 50% na boost ung connection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2u_ITj4G2k&feature=related try ko gumawa ng smartbro version nito jejeje post ko nalang ung pattern
  6. @ coolbuster tnx man.. but dont work sow much.. i try all your instructions and its work but still sssloooooooowww T_T i try to disable my highpriority and set up my sustained up link data link..>> i put uplink 2000 and downlink 4000 = 7000 kbps but the result is still not so happy T_T
  7. wahhh.. how about this?!.. i enter my canopy seting.. and i was shock see this thing so BIG??!!.. why i have 7000 kps range but still slow.. acording what u have see, i almost edit my canopy.. i try to put [uplink 2500 and downlink 4500] wahh but still dont work still slow slow slow sloooooooow XD..
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