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  1. I'm getting Shaw next week, because Telus is unable to provide me with a better upload speed (greater than 400kbps). Shaw will do (they say 1mbps) for $15 more per month after the 6 month period. No contract, but a cancellation fee if I choose to disconnect... which i'm fine with.
  2. LOL If I had backhaul equipment, .... http://www.moonblinkwifi.com/pd_motorola_canopy_bundle_pack_spare_57ghz_300.cfm example, but ... just a sample for people Ya, wholesale/distributor get it cheaper but... not THAT much cheaper. Backhaul equipment isn't cheap. Like i've said before, you get what you pay for
  3. Xplornet never got a grant in Ontario for their development. They got it in Quebec though. Never got it in Alberta either :/ They have gotten it through Motorola apparently, among other companies. Oh ya, and Airnet has a limit. 40 gigabytes Monthly thruput limit *** See Below *** for $65/mo. As far as I am aware, Xplornet has no monthly limit on their wireless... but... alas, what can you do.
  4. Ok, uhm... I don't want to be crude but. Telesat has been full for like 2 years now. In Alberta, we're not even allowed to sell the systems anymore unless you live up in the boonies like 3 hours north of Fort McMurray. Down in the normal zones of average people and non-oilfield we are supposed to use Hughes KA. I highly suggest testing out an aircard if you have decent cell service (and if you can hold back on usage), and buying out your satellite contract. It will be cheaper than paying for something and being frustrated with it. The only risk you really have, is goin
  5. Adding also, that download rate has ABSOLUTELY ZERO TO DO WITH STREAMING SITES. I'm not wanting to make your comments bad or meaningless... but I don't want people to read into your downloading of files from megaupload or rapidshare as being xplornet throttling the same as watching a youtube video or break.com or whatever else is streaming. Satellite Period Is Not To Be Used To Stream Content Without Paying Hundreds or Thousands Per Month For Said Service With A 3 Foot Dish companies like "galaxy broadband" do supply broadband internet. But yes, you do pay for it. It is very exp
  6. plug your computer directly into your module (wireless) Login as: username: root password: mac address goto the status page: Xplornet has a new 'standard'. Most of the systems have been upgraded to show a 'bar code' of sorts for 3.5's, and the 900's and 2.4's are to follow the following: dB > -75 for better speeds (-60 is higher than -75. It goes towards 0dB) Jitter 1-3 RSSI whatever... like 1200 or something... If your jitter is popping above 7 (like 13 or so) then you either have interference from your own house, other providers, or
  7. As an update on the 3.5 situation. We have found that in certain areas, because of the number of people on a panel, that the 3.5 works better when on the xpress package rather than the extreme. I don't know why, but when the customer dropped their package down, their speeds actually went higher than the allotted amount, and the connection stabilized. Who knows. I know that I don't know why...
  8. Wow, that's really bad. You should be at least 700kb/s on the 1.5. Without knowing what saskatchewan's network is like for supporting the system, I couldn't tell you what the problem is. But if it's anything like Alberta, it's probably either an over loaded panel (or an omni on the tower which is a big no-no and we've told them to not put omnis on anymore), or it's an interference issue from other carriers in the area. I know this one time, a new carrier put some 900 equipment on a tower, turned it on, and the other 2 carriers equipment just stopped working because it was broadcastin
  9. I don't know about the 3.5 specifically for your tower. Out here, it's not too bad. We have had issues with the Xtreme package on 3.5 and stability issues on some panels. I don't know if it's just cause of the number of subscribers and trying to push out that much speed from one panel or not, but ... who knows until you try. The nice thing would be, if your 900 is working fine, try getting a 2.4 with a reflector dish and ask for the xtreme package. the 2.4 itself is a better system than the 3.5 expedience module. Although, if 2.4 interference is huge in your area, it may not be as
  10. Hehe, ya I agree. There is about 350 odd people on the olds tower total. They made a guess at about 10% of the customers would need switching. That's 30-40 people. Now they're at 80+. Good math for them guys. I would think they would have thought it through. But that's not the worst thing that happened. It was the fact they didn't tell anyone (even the dealers didn't know until the day before). And not everyone uses the xplornet email service. Most people just use it for the net for their hotmail/gmail/etc. emails. Some even still retained their dialup email service because of business ne
  11. Alrighty, it was (as usual) worse than they foresaw. We are hearing numbers of 80 but it's probably more like 100. Those are the # of people affected. If you are on a really extreme angle to the original tower (90/180/270/360 degrees), and you are fairly close (5 miles?) to the tower, your system is probably not working like it used to or is totally off.
  12. Yup. That's what happens when the tower gets full. If you're on a panel system for the tower, then it takes a little bit longer usually, but on an Omni it can happen over the course of say two or three months, depending on how many people sign up (how fast they're installed). Basically, each panel or the omni, can handle so many connections without degrading quality of service. Lets say you're on the Xpress package (1.5mbit). You are sharing a 1.5mbit download speed with everyone else on that panel/omni, divided into the group that is on that specific package. Lets say you and your
  13. I'm not as familiar with the 3.5's inner workings, but to my knowledge it's the lights on the bottom, and xplornet themselves that can read what the connection is like. There's probably something on the status page, but you can't adjust anything. You won't have to worry about 3.5 anyway. Not too many people use 3.5GHz spectrum. And if you're in Alberta, Xplornet purchased Pathcom, so they are the only ones who can modify settings. i believe is the address of the module itself. So you'd have to hard-code your nic with a static IP in order to access it since most r
  14. Information Alert for October 15th, 2009. Olds, Alberta is getting 3.5 today hopefully, and once the burn-in is done on the equipment we'll be switching people over. This is also including the fact that the tower is no longer on the agricor building. It isn't much further away, but we did get a notice that they're guestimating that when it does switch over, that 10% is projected to need repointing. That's their guess, I hope it's not because there's a LOT of people on that tower. If in the next day or two (when they do this) your internet is suddenly gone and you haven't had any prob
  15. Well, here's how Canopy is setup. A few months ago, the older software was setup to use 3 numbers to determine the quality of the signal. RSSI, DB, Jitter. RSSI is the signal quality basically, DB is the power level of the signal, and the Jitter is how much movement there is between your module and the tower. THe old standards were "1400+ RSSI, -79 or higher DB, 1-3 Jitter". That's what we used. When we first started, the DB was -82, then about a month after, it was -80 and now it's -79. There's so much interference in the area that they had to restrict the quality of the install standa
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