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  1. Its called a hyperbole. I exagerated the age, its obvious that a 80 year old wouldn't be surfing a forum like this. And it is my opinion afterall, and i don't understand why you have a problem with it.
  2. Yeah it did scare me. No i did not wet my pants. No im not angry. I just dont think its funny.
  3. Please don't post bullshit like that on forums or on the internet. You never know who might be watching it. Wheever its a 10 year old or a 80, you'll scare the shit out of them. Things like these aren't very nice...... mmmmmmmm so i turned from a "newbie" to a "cool guy" eh? Im special
  4. Lol, I don't want to contact microsoft. Some family member installed a microsoft windows that doesn't have original cd key, and i don't want to risk it or anything. But i don't want to reinstall whole system to get back original windows packed with pc neither.
  5. I guess so but i don't got money pouring out of my pockets. At age 15 just barely got a job, i don't feel like wasting around half my paycheck just for a hd. I'll stick with the prob unless anyone's got a solution that doesn't involve money. Thanks for all the help thought.
  6. family pc. Too many files to backup.
  7. Well, i attemped 3 different versions of repairing. Windows xp home, windows xp media center edition and windows xp pro installation discs, and all 3 failed to let me install windows(well not reinstall whole thing, but just repair it). Seems like the recovery messed up some s tuff. I can't reformat the pc since its family pc, so are there any other solutions?
  8. I put forts as you reccomended...no improvement whatsoever. I keep seeying people download many times faster then me as i slow crawl along. Whats wrong with bt?
  9. Thank you for all the support! I will see later what i can do when i get some free time...
  10. Man since my hd fried and i did a recovery of all data i've been unable to unistall anything from the windows unistall tool. How can i fix the problem here? Please help, because i was thinking of unistalling some useless progs that have no other way to uninstall and mabye even sp2 but i have no options! Oh bwt heheheh sorry for the bad hand writing I write really bad
  11. Well i have a dsl connection 368 to 1500 kbps and i usually get around 1200-1300 kbps on dls from browsers. When i hit bittoret i usually get around 128 kbps or less. I have a dlink router and this pc set and dmz. I use ports 49152 to 65535 as bittorent since i heard they are better. But when i look at the chart i see people that are going like 8000-1000 kbps, and me at 128 or less. Any suggestions?
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