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  1. i'm in sugar land area as well and I have the standard RR service, 5 up and i'm pushing 4.8 almost 4.9 with tweaks. God i can't wait for something better
  2. i'm sure it will.....the more sources the merrier
  3. yeah that could be it..i hate when people don't seed...so you're downloading from 1 source?
  4. gotta love emoticons ...i guess i should post more
  5. try a new program maybe...thats really weird for it just to stop all torrent dl's
  6. haha i hate when that happens...people that don't seed suck but thats really weird
  7. if anything try another program...bittorrent something like that
  8. haha yeah i've downloaded my share of music with RR...they don't have a cap
  9. thats why i play halo 1 on XBC...fawk halo 2...what a joke that game is..oOoOoO hold two weapons....pistol without a scope...LAME...as for halo....mmmhmmm
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