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  1. thank you, I had just finished watching the latest movie with some friends when I found testmy so i was in the futurama mood. also to instabin or anyone else that might be confusing bits and bytes - this is one of my favorite bit calculators - enjoy. http://www.matisse.net/bitcalc/
  2. Im not trying to brush your question off but have you tried any of the options listed in here? http://www.testmy.net/t-2097 - I actually got a 3Mbps boost by following some of this suggestions. Also if you are on a wireless connection a lot of things can affect your speed such as interference, distance or even router settings (assuming you have one).
  3. :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Upload Connection is:: 1311 Kbps about 1.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Upload Speed is:: 160 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main) Test Time:: 2009/03/16 - 10:00pm Bottom Line:: 23X faster than 56K 1MB Upload in 6.4 sec Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 18.7 seconds to complete Upload Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 24.15 % faster than the average for host (comcast.net) U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-VIN2KBH46 User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009021910 Firefox/3.0.7 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) [!] I'm a fail of upload speed compared to my download. ISPs need to get this ratio a little bit closer to 1:1.
  4. depends, how much are you paying for/your ISP advertises? Other than that 4Mbps is an awesome speed - I was at 780Kbps for years with my DSL, I would have killed for 4, good thing I have cable now.
  5. i see that this post kind of died on the 13th but here is my 2 cents. the other speed test site might not be accounting for the fact that you have Powerboost. Powerboost is a feature that some ISPs have (Comcast to the best of my knowledge) to give a burst of speed. This is the explanation directly from the Comcast website - "Comcast 6Mbps High-Speed Internet with PowerBoost provides a burst of download and upload speed above the customer's provisioned download and upload speeds for the first 10 MB and 5 MB of a file respectively. It then reverts to your provisioned speed for the remainder of the download or upload." So if the other speed test you are running are only downloading and uploading less then your Powerboost limit your speed might seem faster sometimes even 10Mbits faster (in my case). So to better explain it if they advertise 15Mbps with Powerboost, it most likely means that your real speed is like 8Mbps. Also your router, your computer settings, your firewall, whether you are wired or wireless - all this factors could be slowing you down.
  6. mateojg


    oh i don't think my pc could handle any of the new games. i used to play COD2 all the time during college - i must have missed a class or two because of it. too bad i don't have a copy anymore. it was fun though, college wouldn't have been the same.
  7. mateojg


    lol i find it really funny that my hello message became a xbox 360 conversation. i'm glad i can bring people together even if it's not on purpose. i wish i could afford a 360 right now then maybe i could join you in the conversation. call of duty for life.
  8. mateojg


    i had just finished figuring out how to maximize my wireless speed by enabling frame burst in my router and i needed a place to test the new difference. i can't believe i had never heard of testmy.net, it is what i was looking for my whole speed testing life. i can finally bypass thecomcast powerboost tease speed by just downloading and uploading past the powerboost limit. so thank you testmy.net and hello to all the members.
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