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  1. Well, since I joined this site on... ...which was about ten years ago, it would probably make sense that I use the tests provided here, also... . I just ran one, and show these results... The results are real close to our "plan", and what we pay for... . ? I also had my Task Manager running at the same time, and show these results... Couldn't the Ethernet (Receive) R: 30.5 Mbps, be considered a reliable "check" test... if a person is concerned about the test accuracy he
  2. Well, it kind of looks likes this pool has come to its logical conclusion... . .
  3. Thank you, mudmanc4... Well, it hasn't yet anyway... .
  4. I'm a rancher in Southeastern Montana... Also, a wild land firefighter... along with my Brother... Lol, and a retired part time MDT snowplow driver... . .
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