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  1. Without going into lengthy detail about the problem you've described I'd say it was your Motherboard...Mobo's now are pretty cheap to buy and very easy to get...you can even pick them up at Fry's Electronics...If it's any of your capacitors, you're better off replacing the whole thing. Why? Because once a capacitor fails, the unregulated current goes on and screws up the next thing thats in it's path...and so on and so forth... The only reason I say it's your Motherboard is because I started having random problems with my computer...never the same thing twice, then one day my computer stopped posting to the bios... Got the new mobo and installed it with 2 new memory sticks and all's good now in the life of MuffiN!
  2. One thing I know for sure is that the cable going out of my bedroom from my house to the cable transmission line is exactly the same modem included...Now, once it hits the hub here in Payson and goes down to Phoenix I don't know if maybe they've got this service on it's own fiber-optics line...Or, maybe its because most everyone uses the Fullspeed service and this service just doesn't have as much traffic on it so it has less latency... Either way whatever the reason I'm happy for the lower ping...
  3. Just reading what you've been going thought trying to return a defective LCD Monitor is just pissing me right off...There is NO WAY I would put up with that and Demand that I have it replaced with a New one...You paid for it & the Warranty...Get what you paid for!!! I wouldn't take No for an answer Period!!!
  4. You guys have seen my speed tests from before using Cheetah HS Internet (NGP Cable)... 512/up 1mb/down...and yes I was over the cap on both and yet my ping playing on our RTCW Server was still 110...(Server is located in Chicago & I'm in Arizona) Now here's the interesting point...NGP also has a cheaper cable service (Cheetah Lite) that provides a 100Kbps connection up/down...and you'd think that with that speed my ping would go up significantly...but surprisingly it actually went DOWN by 20 so that I now have a ping of 80-90 on our server...Less Hops? Nope! As a matter of a fact it went up from 11 to 19... The other servers I play at I get even better ping with the average being 50-75!!! But hey, I'm not complaining...this service is much better than ISDN (faster with less packet drops) and has smoother gaming connection with much less ping... Any Ideas as to why the faster (full service) cable would have worse ping than the 100Kbps connection??? This just doesn't make any since....
  5. I admin a site myself so I completely understand...but it's funny you posted this because it was the first time I'd been back in a while and the forum was down...
  6. Hmm...time limit on editing post here... Anyways what I used to get passed the cap was this...That's if you were curious as to what I did different... http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutXP2k.php
  7. Since you put it that way...uhmmm a... Yes, I am going faster than almost everyone where I live...I think I'm 1 in 6 that has this kind of speed with this package...OK, I asked...and now I'm happy with my speed!!! Thanks Van... Oh...btw, that was the first thing I did was read your sticky...but the blank (Windows default settings) spaces you left in the CableNut adjuster slowed down "my" connection so I did something else with it...but I did check you post(s) out first...I admin a forum myself, so I understand the concept... But, you did help me in getting a better in depth understanding of the readouts
  8. Yea, No problems with the functions and looks of the new MP 11...I just wish they would have put MORE into the Sound of the program software like a Better Graphic Equalizer...It still doesn't sound anywhere near as good a Nero's Media player for Music...Not even with the DFX audio plug-in... But that's just a professional musician's opinion...
  9. Oh Van...I went from 958 Kbps to 1061 Kbps using CableNut...and if you look at the little RED line you'll see I'm not getting 90% of my hosts average...now, as you were saying??? Man...No help from the CableNut Master Tweaker here huh... I was just looking to get 100 Kbps more outa it...if I could...I figured there was no harm in ask'n....
  10. OK...I'll try them...see what happens... Anyways, I'm not really compaining...after all I used to be on Dialup!!! Just to say that this is much faster really doesn't hit home until you look at a visual of just how much faster it is!!! Check out the difference in throughput...
  11. That is the Residential speeds...But you can get the 3000/1.500 package...but it costs a TON more...and I'm just not gonna pay that kind of money for Cable... You see I live up in the Mountains of Arizona (6,000' ) and this is what they have here...no Cox, Verison, etc...just Cheetah (npg cable) Or, Quest DSL...and I don't want to do that because the Alarm system is hooked up to the phonelines...so that has to have "special" filters install, ect...Just the installation alone would have been over $200...but the cable was already here and only cost $15...so... Cheeto's haha... Nah...haven't tried those tweaks yet but I'll giver a whirl...I can always put it back to the way it is now if it goes slower...
  12. Oh yea!!! That's how I got that high...Before I used CableNut my download speed was only 958 Kbps... I used all the tricks including latency calculations for throughput to get that speed...It's just that I see the average for my ISP is higher (1225 Kbps) than what I'm goin so I want to go that speed too!!! And this is just for Brock...
  13. I notice after about a week of my cable going off and on for days on end (I did get 2 weeks credit!) that my ISP speeds went up on the download speeds...but I'm still capped at about 1mbs download... Look at my screenshots below and tell me if I can go faster...or if they've got me capped...I'm actually already going over their advertised speed or 1000/512, but I want the extra they got to...yea I know I'm selfish...hehe...
  14. I've been using Acronis TrueImage Workstation for years now and am very happy with it...I'm currently using version 9.1 (build 3,534)
  15. Yea, since I have a imaging backup program and just did all my weekly computer maintenance and scans and made a fresh img backup, I went ahead and installed it just to see...Yea, I like it...(The way it looks and works) but it still doesn't sound anywhere near as good as Nero's Media Player...I think it's because Nero's Graphic EQ is much better...I just like the way it sounds to my ears...and I was a professional musician (live,stage, Rock guitarist) and have done a lot of studio work...so I know what sounds good and what doesn't... But over all I do like the new Windows Media Player 11 and the new user enterface...
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