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  1. I think it is always better to get some packages that are beneficial in terms of services and everything. There are many broadband service providers and all have different way of providing services in packages, we have to look what we can better get.
  2. I must say that you are actually getting good speed. I am currently on adsl and finding no problem with speeds.
  3. Good to find a person which is happy with Dsl, one of my friend was not at all happy with dsl. Right now I am stick to Adsl connection and it is a good provider and not getting trouble with the speed. Let see for how long it will provide me good speed coz there are many people in my circle not getting appropriate speed through adsl and switching to some other broadband.
  4. Well, I have seen many providers that are providing a good speed in the beginning and later speed goes down. I am facing this problem with adsl and I dont know how to get rid of this. For me it is a clear mess.
  5. SmartBro is good in providing good broadband connection and for all the smartbro users, if they want to increase their internet speed then, they can easily do like, there is a proxy for smartbro and you will find it according to the browsers you are using like, if you are using internet explorer or Mozilla.
  6. I have heard about Sun broadband connection and it is very good in providing better connection. You just have to find this out, I mean I will try to find out the details and let you know apart from this, Globe broadband is also very good.
  7. I will definitely ask my friend about this as he lives in Philippines and having an ISP which he wants to change due to the services that not seems to be good. I have no idea about pldt connection but, it is good in terms of good broadband speed. I will get some more details about this and let this know to my friend who is there. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the details of proxy server, I will use this as I was not working on mozilla, But I will get this done.
  9. This is something which is really worth and this will be really helpful in getting more approach. But, you have really posted an information which is really helpful to understand.
  10. it is really good in providing better services and you will not find many issues with that, I have not came across with cox but, I have heard that it is a high speed cable internet service provider in America and most of the people are using this due to fast accessing.
  11. Well, for me XP is always good and more preferred. I have installed Windows 7 but, there are some issues with that too. When it comes to network settings then yes, I always find problem mainly in the case of Windows 7. I have not installed Vista, but I do have its transformation pack and it slows down the speed. For me, XP is much better and there is no problem in network settings.
  12. I dont really think that it is worth using free dial ups, please no offense but, it is just a thought and it is due to the reason that I have found one friend of mine using a free dial up service and got high speed internet access with hosting services but soon after that he found a problem in connectivity and speed and when he called up, he got charged. I dont mind in having free dial up service, but it should be proper and the ISP who is providing this to you should be efficient.
  13. Hi Coknuck, You served really well here and you really solved the problem. Sometime, I got the problem with the speed of internet and then I have to repair it again, but it is still not worth. But, I will work on your suggestion and get facilitated. I mean, in future, whenever I will face any problem with the internet connection, I will approach you. Thanks
  14. Well, it is very simple you just need to open a website like, speedtest.net, from where you can get everything that is loading time, speed, bandwidth etc and it is very simple. Just open this site in your browser and get facilitated.
  15. You are right no doubt, I am a newbie here and visited many forums and most of the time I have seen spam, which is a bit annoying. But, if the ISPs are free then, it should be facilitated. Thanks
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