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  1. 256 used to be more than enough a few years ago, now i am running with 512 and it seems like minimum requirements. These days i see more and more ppl with 1GB of RAM.
  2. Kerio worked great for me (I use the free version), never had any problems with it.
  3. Now i am using IE6.0 as my main browser and firefox as an alternative.
  4. i really enjoyed that news on the female android. And WOW! when i looked at the picture i thought she was real.
  5. Thats the one i use, its one of the best i have seen so far.
  6. I found this link while Googling, I think it has a pretty good list and might be of help to some ppl. <a href="http://www.techsupportalert.com/best_46_free_utilities.htm">46 Great Freeware Programs</a>
  7. MarkX

    IE6 Sp2

    I was having the same problem, all i really had to do was remove and repair..
  8. Yeah, try encoding it and burning it with Nero, I am sure the Audio will come out just fine. And if it doesn
  9. First of all i HIGHLY suggest you UNINSTALL any codec packs you may have in your system. they have unpredictable interactions with the video drivers, they can destabilize the system and introduce conflicts between other codecs. After you UNINSTALL the codec packs, get these codecs and programs separately: http://www.doom9.org (Click on the Download Section, Scroll Down and select Avi Editing Tools/show all Avi Editing Tools and look for a program called "Gspot 2.21" this program identifies audio and video codecs in AVIs, displays length, audio and video bitrate, Use this on your AVi to find out what are the codecs) http://downloads.xvid.org/downloads/xvidcore-1.1.0-beta2.zip
  10. Is the file an AVI or an MPG? or what format is it on? and what about the Audio? was it a codec for OGG audio?
  11. Kingston is a great brand. http://www.kingston.com/ Other brands to try would be: Corsair http://www.corsair.com/ Micron http://www.micron.com/ Infineon http://www.infineon.com/
  12. MarkX

    Trojan Virus

    Maybe this will help, 1) Reboot the PC in safe mode with networking 2) Turn system restore off by right clicking on my computer icon. Then go to properties, click on System restore and check box to disable it. 3) Now do a virus scan. You could also delete it manually, here is some valuable information. "When the browser runs an applet, the JRE stores all the downloaded files into its cache directory for better performance. We have received reports of the following malicious applets in the cache directory: Trojan.ByteVerify VerifierBug.class Java.JJBlack worm Java.Shinwow trojan However, in this instance, storing these applets in the cache directory can not cause any harm to your computer because they are designed to exploit a vulnerability in the Microsoft VM, not the Sun JVM. SOLUTION If you find one of these malicious applets on your computer, please use an anti-virus program to delete the applet, or you can clean the cache directory manually. Here are the instructions on how to manually remove these malicious applets from the JRE cache directory: From the Start button, click Settings
  13. According to the Business Software Alliance, 35% is the WorldWide Estimate (2004). The United states was estimated from 32% in 1994 to 24% in 2002 to 21% in 2004.
  14. Oops, i meant my Recovery Discs . When i bought this Sony Vaio Comp a year ago they gave me some Recovery Discs that included all the pre-installed software and XP HOME Edition. But the discs came with a bunch of viruses like blaster and sasser.A, Sasser.B, Sasser.C, Sasser.D and many others.
  15. I use Adobe LiveMotion for that.
  16. I guess i have to go back to my virus infected factory discs with XP HOME Edition.
  17. I just saw the FFVII Tech Demo for the PS3, it ROCKS!! Can
  18. WOW!! I never thought those speeds were available for Home users. Thats just Amazing! and for only 75 USD??? What other packages are available over there? and what are their prices?
  19. 1024x768 All the time. But Sometimes 800x600 if a specific program requests it.
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