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  1. We've had Comcast Internet service for 20+ years and once again, have been having severe and recurring Internet slowdowns for at least a month in Elk Grove, CA, 15 miles south of Sacramento. We have our own cable modem, a one-year-old (and Comcast sanctioned) Motorola — one of the fastest available. This has happened before, it will happen again and again. Infrastructure problems (moisture rusting punchdown block connectors inside the outdoor cable boxes that step down fiber-optic to copper wire at the curb...aging equipment and switches inside neighborhood "central office" boxes that serve ma
  2. Apple Stores gradually have dropped the price of component repairs, which now are about 50% lower than they once were. This past summer, my sister replaced a cracked display and lid on her 2008 Intel MacBook Pro (15") for about $450 (It wouldn't have cost her that much if she had done the work soon after it happened, but she delayed after initially cracking just the upper housing. Eventually, her clumsy kid picked up the MacBook Pro by the lid and cracked the screen). Just a couple of years ago, that repair would have cost about $900. Beside great tech support, Apple seems to be passing a
  3. Why did the interface and testing data reported change for the test results page? A few weeks ago (when I first joined) testmy.net reported the ISP's Connection Speed (peak bandwidth I think) AND actual download/upload speed test results. Now, users only see the download/upload speeds. The inclusion of the Connection Speed data was the only information that differentiated this testing site from all the others. It provided valuable context, so that computer users would be constantly reminded of the differences between the faster services many think they are paying for and the actual, slower ser
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