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    rammolo reacted to CA3LE in TestMy.net Beta program   
    I have A LOT of upcoming releases, many of which are going to be built around a new concept.  Because there is so much core programming being changed I'm going to do something I've never done.
    I normally work on the site live and things are released as I write them... if your in the right place at the right time and you pay enough attention you can see me building sometimes.  Well, I really feel that the version I have out right now is INCREDIBLY stable... I don't want to disturb any testing or use of the site.  So I'm going to offer a beta program for those who wish to join.
    To join, vote Yes on the poll above. I'll add you to a special member group and you'll be emailed with updates.  You'll also have an option in your menu that will allow you to switch between beta and release.  Smaller updates will be globally available but the major ones will be held back for the beta testers to play with first.  This will help find bugs before public release.  When I'm satisfied with the code I'll offer an option for a while to the general public to turn on the beta... after general public beta testing I'll then release it to the final.  We'll then start the whole process again for another round.
    This is going to be really hard for me to do, I really hate to hold new stuff back.  But maybe doing it this way will help me spend less time on bug checking and more time of actually building.
    I'm one person.  Your help with this is appreciated.  Everyone who has ever submitted a comment... you've already helped build this site.  I started with a vison but you guys expanded it.  If I'm going to keep bringing those ideas to paper I really need your help.  I have at least a couple thousand hours of programming planned just for the next 3-6 months. I need to use my time effectively, spending hundreds of hours searching for bugs is not using my time wisely.  Register (If you haven't already), vote yes above and I'll email you later when I have more information. Then, you can tell your friends that you helped build this site.  
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    rammolo reacted to CA3LE in Multithread Speed Test Results - Share & Compare   
    Hey, glad to see you finally post. Most people that signup don't participate in my forums... it's cool though, people just wanna test their speed.

    So, I have an LTE connection that can vary from a couple Mbps to over 50 Mbps. If you look at my stats and filter them right you can see my best on my iPhone on Verizon. When I'm getting 8 Mbps it still surfs great but when I'm able to pull 40+ page response is almost instant, the difference is great.

    On my test bench when I develop my speed tests I purposly limit my connection varing levels to check accuracy. I've surfed the web and ran at every imaginable speed... it does make a difference, even for simple browsing.
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    rammolo reacted to tommie gorman in Multithread Speed Test Results - Share & Compare   
    Yes it has been a long time since your last post paladin. Many thought you had gone to meet your maker already. Honest.
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    rammolo got a reaction from sunil2000 in Multithread Speed Test Results - Share & Compare   
    Hi Friends,
    Not new to this forum but no post since more than 2 years. My Question.
    do you really feel a big difference while surfing with a 8Mbps and 40Mbps, obviosly downloanding and while on torrents its a really big difference, But just surfing?
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