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  1. A woman who can't swim is crying on the beach a man walks up to her and says why are you crying. She says "I've never been hugged" So the man hugs her half an hour later she is still crying "Why are you crying" he asks "I've never been kissed" Reluctantly he kisses her. 20 minutes later she is still sobbing. "Why are you crying" he asks "I've never been fcuked" She says. So he picks her up to the deep water and drops her. "Now your really Fcuked aren't you."

  2. and know my parents arent hippies but my dad is a senator who tries halt so much violence practical or theoretical i'm like an assasin compared to him.

    now just bear with me for a moment i have some questions which will make sense in the end,

    A)your english arent u

    B) What relgion are u

    C)is their a special protocall im supposed to follow when creating a thread

  3. For me it would really depend on what job and lvl your acount is at. Truthfully their is no point continuing a novice acount or a job lvlv 3 swordsman or something. I would rather just pay for my lvl 30 acolyte. But the offer was kind so thnx anyway

  4. video games arent the cause of violence,

    i know vidoe games dont cause violence but should we really make games out of things so serious. I am especially against games based on war. War is something nearly nobody can say they support war's but as soon as i say their is no problem with certain levels of violence some people with sharp tounges will say but technically this type of violence is more like something or another and eventually if i dont draw the line somewhere and stick to it i end up having to retract half my statements so i choose to be against the whole violence concept full stop. That way their can be no "What abouts" or "but in this circumstance"

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