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  1. Well, disregarding the up and down link distance, Skylogic is not that far from me, about 700 km. I did some speed tests the other day (not here, but another site that alowed me to select different servers) and I got far nearer to my pàid-for speeds via both Dallas and Washington - both a lot further away. London screamed along. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use these other servers on a day-to-day basis, or even if that's possible . At the moment, it's very hot - even for Southern Spain. We're regularly seeing 40º+ temperaturesand have been for several weeks now.
  2. Perhaps they're all run by ex insurance salesmen? Certainly the same tactics.
  3. I agree that I might be in for an uphill battle. My supplier keeps referring me to a speed test that's basically run by TooWay and it consistently reports speeds at around the mark that I'm paying for *. I keep pointing out that, whatever this test says, it simply does not represent anything like what I am actually seeing when sitting at my computer. It has nothing to do with individual websites or contention issues (see, I'm learning fast), this problem is across the board at any time of the day or night. Still they haven't stopped talking to me, so I suppose that's a good thing. * So far, all I have paid for is the hardware - I did my own installation - so, if they can't improve and get somewhere closer to what they offered me, I'll just not pay them. I presume I can find another supplier, where I can use the same hardware, but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it. PS: Just got back from a night out with some friends, visiting from the UK - so at least I'm not hungry
  4. hmmm... thanks for that information. With such a small sample, I don't think these stats are reliable enough for me to beat the supplier over the head. I need a bigger hammer .
  5. Still awaiting a response from the suppliers. In the meantime, I've been trying to hunt down the problem for myself - not easy, because I really don't understanfd too much about this stuff. All my traffic seems to be routed through Skylogic España S.A. I checked their figures (using data provided by this site) and their average figures are near enough spot-on to mine. The implication here is that there's nothing wrong with my installation and that they are the bottleneck. However, what this site doesn't tell me is how many different users contributed to the Skylogic figures. I might be the only person, thuse rendering the figures meaningless. All I know is I'm paying for a 12/4 Mb system that is struggling to reach 4/1 and I'm not a happy bunny at this time. Graeme
  6. Anyone else here using these guys? I recently installed a TooWay system that has never got anywhere near the speed I'm paying for - I see an average of 3.3 Mb down and 600 odd kbps up, against 12/4 Mb that I'm paying for. Wandering around this site produced a set of average speeds for Skylogic that would seem to indicate the bottleneck is theirs, but I'm not sure how many users the figures are based upon - it could be just mine, in which case they are meaningless! Hence the question, anyone else using Skylogic España? Graeme
  7. Another new member just saying hello to all. I've recently installed a satellite broadband link and have been experiencing problems with the speed. I ran across this forum while researching speed testing sites and there are people here who actually understand all this stuff., so joining in seemed like a good idea. I'm supposed to seeing a 12MB download, but it's more like an average of 4MB. I appreciate that I'm never going to reach the advertised speed, but this seems much too low to me. The upload is none too clever, either. I'm in touch with the technical support guys and they seem to be trying to resolve the issue. We'll see how it goes. Graeme
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