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  1. You're going to be waiting a real long time for an email telling you you're going to be automatically upgraded to 6.0 for free.
  2. Actually, I do have a clue.
  3. You'll know when the 6.0 service comes out. When is that date again? Oh, wait. You were wrong about that too. Maybe when they upgrade all the 3meg customers automatically. Oh wait. That was wrong too. Well, probably when they do away with the 256k service like you said. Oh wait, that was wrong too. Yeah, like *I* need to prove you're wrong? You're doing a fine job all by yourself.
  4. This is going to be a real shocker, but you were told wrong. Again.
  5. Very cool, someone was thinking ahead when they made that decision. These long loops you mention, do you use a lot of 26 gauge wire or is it mostly larger gauge?
  6. Interesting that y'all would do that, it doesn't seem very cost effective to send a tech out to test each loop over 5km. BellSouth just draws a line there and if it's over won't sell it. Who were you working for (or who are you working for) that does that?
  7. If he has BellSouth, it's strange because lines over 18kf don't qualify for DSL.
  8. They announced a couple of months ago that they will be offering a 6meg service in the 4th quarter of this year.
  9. DLewis, every post of yours I've read has been just as wrong as it can be and this one's no exception. DSL Lite is a VERY big seller for BellSouth. Xtreme 3.0 is NOT the biggest seller by far. There is absolutely no need to get rid of one speed plan "so they can push ADSL2/ADSL2+". It's not like you can't have them both. And to repeat, there was never any plan for BellSouth to get rid of DSL lite except maybe in your imagination. Do you just make this stuff up, or what?
  10. They were never planning to get rid of it, your friend was wrong.
  11. Just a couple of mini-bones to pick with your post.
  12. No, there won't be a cost increase.
  13. Apparently not high enough to have a clue. This is SO wrong.
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