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Found 3 results

  1. There are hundreds of devices we know this, just a poll to find out what your using. Whatever is not listed, just post it and we'll ad it, chances are there will be a lot added - so let us know what needs added.
  2. Across several tests, I've achieved 25 - 29 Mbps in the following Topology: Browser = Terra 1.3.6 OS = IOS 5.0.1 Device = iPad2 CDMA, 64GB, dual core 1Ghz Apple A5 802.11n = 5Ghz 48(P) 44(S) @ < 10m, indoor, NLOS Access Point. = Netgear 3700 v1.0.7.98NA (dual band with Atheros 680Mhz RISC NWP) LAN = 1Gbps, CAT6 (1m) CPE = Motorola Surfboard 6120 v1.0.1.8-SCM02-NOSH ISP. = Suddenlink.net, 50Mbps/2Mbps nominal and verified avg latency. = 59.7ms (52B null packets at 10 pings/s) Traceroute to mytest.net, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets: hop(4) 36 bytes cdm-66-76-30-37.tylrtx.suddenlink.net ( hop(5) 36 bytes hop(6) 36 bytes ae2.csr2.dal2.gblx.net ( hop(7) 36 bytes po9.ar5.dal2.gblx.net ( hop( 36 bytes verizon-2.ar5.dal2.gblx.net ( hop(9) 36 bytes 0.ae1.xl3.dfw7.alter.net ( hop(10) 36 bytes 0.ge-7-3-0.xl3.mia4.alter.net ( hop(11) 36 bytes tengige0-6-4-0.gw11.mia4.alter.net ( hop(12) 36 bytes internet-gw.customer.alter.net ( hop(13) ******************** Request timeout hop(14) 36 bytes hop(15) 64 bytes Best results are obtained with large file sizes (>= 25MB) Observations: 1. Terra appears to be significantly faster than Safari (which is interesting since they share a lot of the same programming in xCode)? 2. Terra appears to have a bug that causes a crash on large test files (> 50MB): around 53-58MB into the test, Terra will crash) 3. The tailhop from Potwin to Ashburn to Nassau, Bahamas a little odd, and I'm assuming DNS is pointing http traffic to a different server.
  3. Does anyone have any tips on iPad preferences setups that influence the Internet speed throughput? As I've seen here on this site, mobile results can vary greatly using SpeedTest. Looking at my data under iPad Detected (I have a WiFi only iPad), I have results with rr.com that vary from well under 1 Mbps To a max of about 11 Mbps and an average of around 5 Mbps for download, Uploads vary from well under 1 Mbps up to about 0.8 Mbps. Comparing this to my iMac's performance at times it's slower but not terribly slower, but often (much more often than the computer) it's on the slow side (seems very erratic or interrupted/intermittent) and this happens seemingly at random times during the day, with best results in the wee hours of the morning. The iMac numbers are 8.5 and 13 Mbps avg and max for downloads, and about 0.9 Mbps avg and max for uploads. I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (new) for Wifi and some older 3-5 yr old design Netgear switches and a router that are all 10/100. I haven't bothered investing in any gigabit Ethernet hardware because I'm Time Warner limited. My test times on the iMac using WiFi are very close to the results using the ethernet. My cable modem is a 6-7 year old one that Time Warner provided. The iPad average of 5 versus the 8.5 Mbps numbers are certainly understandable considering the pure hardware differences of the two machines. Occasionally I get some poor erratic performance on the iMac but it's a much more common occurrence on the iPad. I've done a little semi-scientific investigating but haven't come up with anything that would explain the more common slower and erratic times of the iPad. There are times when I think that rr.com is the problem as all the computers (iMac, PC laptop and MacBook Pro, and mobile wifi devices (2 iPhones and 2 iPads) are all running slow. Tonight I had terrible performance on the iPad, and turned off all 5 of the Notifications I'm using and Location Services. Results went back to well above average, but I don't know if it was coincidental or not. I turned them back on and the results were still good. Repeating my initial question: Does anyone have any tips on iPad preferences setups that influence the Internet speed throughput? Re-booting the iPad and Clearing Safari history and data doesn't seem to help The only thing that has ever seemed to clear up the issue was rebooting the Time Warned cable modem, but I can't say that actually fixed anything, as the poor performance windows don't normally last longer than a few minutes, and it may have been coincidental that it improved after turning the cable model off then back on When things are running normally, everything is slightly above what the rr.com averages are - looking at the stats on this website. Oh, and thenWiFi signal strength is not the issue. When things are slow and erratic, it's the same sitting right next to the wireless TxRx as it is out in the garage. The problem is so intermittent that it's driving me crazy because I can't get it to stay in the failed condition long enough to really nail anything down. This makes me suspect a Time Warner problem, but whenever I call them, they have me run their test which always shows the ridiculously high numbers because (as noted on this website) they throw out the slowest 30% if I remember correctly
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