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Novell's New Linux


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im d/l'ing a new linux :) ...hope it's better than novell's other products....:-)....looked pretty sweet......gonna try it at least.....:-)


hey...if u guys d/l off the novell website...post ur speeds....i have slow cable internet.....1.3mbps........and i was getting like 120kb/s

:wink: happy linuxing :D

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I actually gave linux a fair shot about 2 months ago...well, maybe it has progressed enough in the past 7 years to deserve a fair shot finally.

I tried a bunch of different distros "SUSE" (which I think is what Novell owns now) was not one that I tried. Mandrake, Ubuntu, FreeBSD (unix actually), OpenBSD, Slackware, Debian--and probably more than I can't remember, but I ended up settling on Fedora Core 2.

When FC3 came out I tried that---and it disappointed me, so I'm back with FC2. I got Xorg 6.8 loaded which does drop shadows and transparent windows. The NVIDIA video driver works with FC2 (but not FC3...hahahaha Linux is laughable at times)--And I'm running the Enlightenment Desktop Manager 16 on top of everything and IT ROCKS. It's pretty damn cool.

There are many quirks with Linux still, you know if all of the developers of all the different distros got together and got their heads out of their asses, Linux could be a real power house. Instead you've got who knows how many different distros with little differences between them...but they are all built off of the same core kernel? It's screwed up because, you'd think (transitioning from MS world to Linux) that if you had Core 2 and upgraded to Core 3 that Core 3 would support the drivers you had in Core 2...not the case.

Then if you skip over to another distro those same drivers don't work at all.

I guess it's all about what works for you and what makes you happy. The fact that I can do just about everything I do on my MS machine on my Linux machine is pretty cool to me.

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