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i just downloaded ZoneAlarm I'm just wondering what the red and the green internet bars mean? and if there is a way to tweak these bars because i noticed the more green the faster my tests were.

No you can't tweak the colored lines. Those represent the good going in and out and the red is the bad that has been stopped

It would be nice if we could.

I would have done it and told everyone about it.

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Tech support indicates ZA may use more resources and be slower when first installed. The colored bars flashing are perfectly normal.


Running the free version, do not notice any different speeds when compared with using just the XP built in firewall.

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I am using ZA 6.1.737Pro and it's just a matter of configuring ZA to allow trusted traffic between your PC and the internet. I run ZA 24/7 and it never slowed down my speeds here or at DSLReports-----> http://www.dslreports.com/archive?zip=14213&dnsdom=&start=Search. So you may want to read more into the ZA instructions or obtain the Pro version.



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