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AGP video card advice


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Here's my current setup:

p4 1.6a northwood OC to 2.4GHz

geforce3ti 200 64mb

1GB (512x2) pc2700 RAM

4x agp asus p4s533 motherboard

7200rpm WD hard drive

windows xp pro

I don't want to get anything that is too much for my system but still want the best performance.  Any help is appreciated.

These are some I've been looking at:







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{and no,it can't be modded into a 9700 sadly}

Why not? Has there been a hardware/bios change or something?

I flashed the bios on mine shortly after they first came out and it worked great. The original flash with Kip Hardina's (Warp11) modified bios (9500WARP.Bin) worked, but his discovery of the hexadecimal was still new, and my memory wasn't exactly compatible. Artifacts were slightly noticeable in apps/games. I then acquired a more seasoned, modified bios (9500_33.Bin) that was specifically from a board with my exact same memory (the Infineon 3.3ns version), and the rest is history.

Mabey you can unlock yours as well. :)

See the links below.

I fixed the 9500Pro BIOS. It's now overclockable!

9500 Pro users, what type of memory do you have?

Radeon Tweaking, Modding and Benchmarking (Main Rage3D Radeon Board)

FiringSquad's review of Warp11's Bios & Testing

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Yeah, the softmod is only for users with the modified bios applied already. Whenever I use the Omega drivers, I always select the softmod option and it works great. Give those links a try. Just make sure that you observe the memory on your card so that you'll know what memory you have.

The ranges started at Infineon 3.6ns memory, but got as fast as 3.0ns.

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