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i just ordered Cox High Speed Internet Preferred 6Mbps downstream/ 512kbps upstream. i was just wondering if some of the people that live in the phoenix area could tell me if cox limit the amount you download each month. i tried looking myself but came up empty.  i collect bootlegs in lossless format and the files can get pretty big. my current isp (qwest) sucks ass and takes forever to download stuff, they also charge for too much for their services. thank you.

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thanks for the quick reply.  so what happends once you reach the limit? wish i would've know their limitations before i ordered it. also how do you know when you're about to reach that limit?

Their is programs you can get that tell you how much bandwidth you have used in one day and it keeps a records of it.  If you get a little more Gig's than your monthly limitation I'm pretty sure they won't tell you anything but if get like 20 Gig's more than the limitation I'm pretty sure they'll charge you.

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I get 3 gig up/down per 24 hours... I have gone over a few times..  Most of the time it is because of download Linux ISOs..

Most ISP have a program in place to monitor bandwidth usage.. I wouldnt be to worried about it.. As long as your are not downloading like 15 3 gig movies a day..  If you are then COX is going to be pissed and you might get a visit from the MPAA...

The person you might want to ask is CA3LE.. he is a former COX tech.. he might know what the limits are or were when he worked there.

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